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I do not always post press releases but this one caught my eye as I am shocked that when we flush the toilet once it uses the same amount of water which a person in the third world used all day for washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking. It really puts everything in perspective and it is good to hear that Megaflo is supporting a charity to help with the problems with clean water in Africa.

“As the hosepipe ban is
introduced across parts of the UK, people need to make sure they’re keeping an
eye on their water consumption. The shortage will affect millions of
homeowners, not to mention having a potentially adverse effect on the UK’s
wildlife. Cutting down water usage not only makes good environmental sense, it
can save on household bills too, which is why Megaflo, the water experts, have
put together some practical, everyday tips to help homeowners save precious

Savings on tap

There’s no need
to keep the tap running while brushing your teeth or shaving as
you can waste up to 9 litres a minute by just letting the water pour down the sink, so turn it off in-between cleaning
([i]. This
way, we are only using as much water as we really need.

A glass a day
helps keep the ban away

Why not just use
one glass for your drinking water each day or refill a water bottle as this
will cut down on the number of glasses to wash, reducing both your washing up
time and water consumption.

Make sure your
wash is a full one

When using your
dishwasher or washing machine make sure the load is full as this can save
gallons of water and also helps you shift your piles of washing more quickly!

A shower of

Spend less time
in the shower and even turn off the tap in-between rinses while washing your
hair. If you aim to spend no more than two minutes in the shower it will
go a long way to helping cut down on your water usage.

your tea-making operations!

Fill the kettle with only as much water
as you need as this will save both water and energy. Using a cup to
measure out the amount of water you put into your kettle will help reduce the
strain on your bank account as well as on the UK’s water resources!

Fix your leaks

Those leaky taps
can waste gallons of water, it is estimated that just one drop a second from a
dripping tap wastes nearly 5,000 litres of water a year ([ii]. So
get the plumber in and fix those faucets! Having a new washer fitted will be a
lot cheaper than the cost of the water a leak can waste.

If you can,
use it twice!

Never let water
down the drain if you can use it again. Did you know that you can re-use
your washing-up water to water your plants and garden? Washing up liquid
is harmless to our growing friends and recycling the used dishwater ensures you
are doing your bit for the environment. You can even water plants with
your used vegetable cooking water!

Keep it cool

Keeping a bottle
of water in the fridge avoids you having to run the tap for a while and waste
water while you wait for it to run cold. You can then refill the water
bottle as you need it and even use the water left over in your kettle to be

Wash your

When washing
dishes by hand, don’t let the water run while rinsing. Try filling one sink
with wash water and the other with rinse water and wash up everything in one

Keep your
greens green!

However, you can
wash your fruits and vegetables in a single bowl of water instead of running
water from the tap through a colander.

Forget the
hose- use a bucket and sponge

Using a sponge
and a bucket of water to clean your car, instead of a hose, is the smart way to
keep our prized four-wheeled friends shining, without breaking the water bank.

Stop your

Did you know that each time we flush the toilet it uses the same
amount of water which a person in the third world used all day for washing,
cleaning, cooking and drinking?([iii] Avoid
flushing the toilet unnecessarily; put your tissues and other waste in the bin
rather than the toilet.

Megaflo is showing its support to helping save water by
co-funding a Pump Aid project to develop water wells and flushing toilets for
21 schools in Malawi. Pump Aid is a charity dedicated to
providing clean water and good sanitation to underprivileged
areas in Africa.

For more information please visit”

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