In The Night Garden Live Competition

I have just seen the press release for this show. I was not sure at first with youngest already being 3 but I watched a video of a previous show and he was chomping at the bit, begging for us to take him. I think I might have underestimated the attraction of Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and the gang! He asked to ring daddy to demand we goโ€ฆ he was obviously very persuasive as we are now booked to go! I must admit I am a little bit excited myself, because the video does make it look extremely appealing. For one what is not to love about watching an event in a giant inflatable showdome! Instant cool factor just for that!

On stage you will find full-sized costumes, enchanting music, magical puppets and spectacular panoramic projections, creating an immersive theatrical experience to make audiences feel they are actually entering the magical world of the TV show In the Night Garden (oh and did I mention its in a showdome!!!). All this for as little as ยฃ10 a ticket! If your child has a birthday coming up in the next few months this might be a much cheaper alternative to an expensive party! Invite their closest friend and have no mess to clear up afterwards, don’t tell me your not slightly tempted!

The show lasts just under an hour, which is probably the perfect time for a preschooler, as they tend to get restless with shows that last much longer, which can be slightly stressful for us parents! When you are trying to convince your little one that there seat is just right for them and you may as well be invisible for the notice they take of you (okay maybe that’s just my experience!).

There are two shows to pick from, so if you’re feeling particularly flush why not let them experience both. In the Ninky Nonk show, Igglepiggle loses his blanket and all his friends help him find it. In the Pinky Ponk show, Makka Pakka washes everyone’s faces, until his sponge gets stuck in Upsy Daisy’s megaphone!

You can book tickets from the website but I have been offered a standard family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) for one of the London shows (The O2, Old Deer Park or Brent Cross) for a very lucky follower of my blog. Give yourself instant kudos with your children and make sure you enter. The competition will close on the 29th of April to make sure the winner has plenty of time to get organised.

You can read more on their facebook page, its so lovely seeing all the faces of lots of enchanted children on there,


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48 thoughts on “In The Night Garden Live Competition

  1. I would love to go with my children, they love in the night garden and have never been before. Looks great.

  2. My wife has been talking about taking our 2 girls to this since last year, it look like a great day out and my girls are crazy about In the Night Garden. I'd love to win tickets for us to go.

  3. My youngest has just started to take an interest in Night garden and so I would love to take him and his big brother to see this.

  4. My daughter Lily's favourite programme is In The Night Garden so I would love to win and surprise her for her birthday. Please enter me.ย 

  5. My 20 month old is pretty much only into this programme, although it drives me and my partner nuts but he loves it, everytime we put it on tv, he climbs on the sofa, puts his hands on his cheeks in an "omg" way ๐Ÿ™‚ cute

  6. I booked tickets to take my son last year but my husband had to work away and I couldn't leave my newborn daughter so my mum took him instead and I was really gutted I missed seeing his face so would love to take them this time, especially as my daughter is now equally obsessed.

  7. We were booked to see this show last summer, however my daughter contracted chicken pox and we were unable to take her. This prize would really make it up to her !!

  8. Hi, me again, you have some great comps running, why do i fancy going?, i have a great gran daughter (twice married), Lily May Wright, who would love this prize, in the night gareden is her fav, at the moment, and if it was the 02, dad can drive, so here we go again, good luck all thanks for comp

  9. because i like to see people in costumes (but it freaks my son right out!!) ps. don't get the last bit of the rafflecopter thingy (god, i hate rafflecopter)

  10. All three of my children adored 'In The Night Garden' and my youngest bursts into fits of giggles whenever he watches the program.

  11. My 2 children are quite timid and enjoy watching this together. Its one of the times when they like to get a bit rowdy and join in and laugh and play along. Id love to bring them out of their shell for a day and let them see this fab show with like minded kids all there to have fun!

  12. If I were to take my little girl, she'd think I was the best Mummy in the world EVER! Like most kids, she's loved In The Night Garden from an early age. It's been an important part of her development and it'd just make a lovely day out for all of us (and we need one at the moment) x

  13. every single night I have to sit through 3 or 4 'in the night garden' videos from you tube before Daisy will settle down to sleep. I feel like I know the characters inside out, I can sing all the songs (yes, even the Makka Pakka song that makes no sense ๐Ÿ™‚ and I can do all the dances. I'd love to take Daisy and Piper to see the show because they would be completely gobsmacked to see the characters 'live'.ย 

  14. My three-year-old daughter would absolutely love to go and see this show! Have read loads of great reviews, but haven't yet managed to organise a trip to see it.

  15. My daughter would love to see it, and as we are holidaying in London in June it would be a perfect holiday treat.ย 

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