Kellogg’s Mini Max Cereal Review

We received an epic delivery of Mini Max cereal to road test here.

Eldest liked the outside, the snowy sugary dusting, but did not like the taste inside. Well no hardship as I really enjoyed them so my breakfast is sorted for a very long time! I might start looking like a little parcel of wholegrain wheat by the end of it, but it’s a risk I am willing to take.

Just waiting for youngest to arise this morning so I can taste test them out on him too! If you can eat products like this without the sugar topping then all the better, but I cannot normally stomach wheat cereals, but the bite sized chunks and the little sweet enticement makes Mini Max much more pleasant. They even do a Chocolate variant too. I do not like chocolate cereals myself, but might be worth trying out on my boys.

Kellogg’s already provide us with our favourite cereals Cornflakes and Rice Krispies, but lovely to have an alternative and see that Kellogg’s are constantly bringing new and interesting cereals to market. Otherwise breakfast can get boring. It’s nice to shake up breakfast time sometimes!

I tried them both with and without milk, to see if they would also eat it as a dry snack, but neither of my boys would take to it without milk. Youngest gave me a high five after his first mouthful with milk and said yum yum! So he is definitely a contender to share the 10 boxes with me, such a shame…

You can read more about the product on the Kellogg’s website, but I love that a whopping 86% of the cereal is Shredded Wholewheat. As a parent I am quite happy to feed this to my boys. Well to my youngest anyway, he cannot get enough of it! He made sure every last bit was gobbled down! I am just wondering where I can stash the rest of the boxes so I do not have to share with hubbie aswell…

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  1. My 11 year old was swayed by the advertising and begged me to buy a box of these. She thankfully loves them too!

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