The King’s Panto Review and Competition

We were sent this book and DVD combination to review. The boys thought it was a funny and entertaining

They were shouting out as they
recognised different characters from the fairy tales they love. A few they had not seen before so it was
great to get some discussion going about who they were and fill in the gaps in
their fairy tale knowledge! We love our
yearly panto trips and so plenty to keep us interested and eagerly turning each

Available to buy from £8.99 through Waterstones and all other good book shops, I think its
exceptional value as you get a fantastic story book with plenty of reading
involved and a DVD of the story which is great as it has movement in it. Many children’s
DVD’s which normally accompany a book is just a picture each time with the story
being read, so it’s nice like this to see the King’s funny faces in action!

The DVD is great for little ones as they might find it
harder to concentrate until the end of the book (well just basing it on my
feral three year old!). But that is why
it’s a fabulous combination. When they
are older they can then move onto the book and enjoy the whole story and later
practice reading too. The book should
last until they are much older! The illustrations
are very colourful and larger than life, much like the characters they are

The author Martin Coleman is a lovely chap. A dad of four children so he really knows
what kind of book would be popular with children. This story is great as it covers action,
humour and a little moral tale about a King learning to be kind and
compassionate to save himself from becoming a giants snack! So some good messages to teach children
wrapped up in there.

Martin even signed our review book and dedicated it to my
boys, which was a delightful touch.
Even without this nice extra I would have been writing a glowing review,
as I enjoyed reading this story, it amused me and the boys and I can see us
returning to It many more times.

You can find out more from the official website and you can also purchase the book from the online shop there.

You can enter to win a signed copy! To do this fill in the rafflecopter below by the 10th of May


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