The Kipper Plait

Here is another look for you to try out on your daughters! Having two boys my good friend does these styles trying to keep me girly I think! I might be a tomboy at heart.

For this style tie hair up in a pony tail

For this plait you only use two strands, from under the plait take your first strand, fold it across the the other side then do the same to the other side folding it across the first strand

Just keep crossing them over

Half way down the hair you should run out of hair to fold over, but you should have two thick pieces of hair in each hand so use these pieces again from underneath fold across. its important to use thin pieces each time

Like this

Pull out the hair to make it appear thicker

So easy my friend said that her 7 year old took over as her three year old was trying to feed the dog teabags!!!

Then tie at the bottom and enjoy your new look!

2 thoughts on “The Kipper Plait

  1. Argh! I'm telling you, you can't make me feel guitly for chopping Abby's hair off… everyone loved it! LOL Must remember these hair styles. Your friend's daughter has beautiful hair! x

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