Kool Kangaroos Boomerein Review

I was sent these revolutionary hands free reins for my
friend to try out with her daughter. My
friend turned out to be quite shy and retiring about her photo appearing on the
blog (I promise you she does not look like Shrek!), so I went to her house
today just to get a photo of them in action with me!

I used reins when both of mine were younger; I think they
are invaluable for encouraging safety in little ones. Young children really have no concept of danger; my eldest used
to say cars would just bounce off him. 
Luckily he has clued up somewhat since then! Good reins really are peace of mind for us parents.

Also as a parent we always have something to hold, we
might have a sports bag, school newsletters, homework, what they did not manage
to eat of their packed lunch… possibly your eldest has invited a friend or two
for tea and you still have your to coax your youngest one along. Unfortunately we are not octopus and have to
make do with the hands we have! So
instead you can now buy the Boomerein, which is attached around the waist of
your child and yourself. Which frees
you up somewhat! If you have been
blessed with multiples, you can even get attachments so you can keep your twins
or triplets safe. I think this is when
it really comes into its own as a product!

I must admit as a concept I was not sure of what to make
of it at first, but it has definitely grown on me as I have experienced
it. Seeing safety products evolving and
adapting to the needs of parents is quite encouraging.

I thought they looked quite complicated to use when
they arrived, but my friend just got to grips with it all in a manner of
seconds. It did also come with
instructions anyway, but it really did seem fairly easy to operate even for a
ditsy bubblehead like me! It is also
fully adjustable which is encouraging, as the product will continue to be
useful as your child grows.

With an RRP of £15.95 from their website I think it is worth purchasing
to see how you get on. It is a
relatively small price to pay for a product that might make life with a
fiercefully independent toddler easier! 
Being less stressed you might spend a little less on whatever your vice
is to calm your frayed nerves at the end of the day… wine, chocolate or in my
case my cake habit! So you would soon
have paid back your investment in these.

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