Le Toy Van Competition

my timbers do I have an amazing prize for you!


Le Toy Van has kindly offered me a Barbarossa
Pirate Ship for your little one to set sail on an adventure of a lifetime. Le Toy Van has so many well thought out toys
to pick from which will really spark your childs imagination I really struggled
to pick one for a prize, they all look so fabulous.


The Barbarossa Pirate Ship is available to buy from
around £45.00 so you are really in for a treat if you win this amazing
prize. It does not include the figures
but any your children already own around 10cm tall will be most welcome on


Am sure your little sea dogs (aged 3+) will enjoy hours of play with this
well crafted wooden ship. With a crow’s nest, cannons
to fire and a deck trap door the only problem might be getting them to stop
playing for bedtime! They will be so
busy looking for treasures, using
their own loved toys as shipmates or perhaps you might add to it and choose to
buy some Budkins to man the ship!


Budkins are very well detailed and really fun figures to play with, the
choice is quite outstanding, you can read more about them at our review here. But just to say I was impressed with the
quality. Now over four months on Raphael the pirate and
Billy the cowboy are still going strong.


If you like this competition you should follow the Le Toy Van facebook page as they run lots on there too. With plenty more amazing prizes in the offering!


To enter the competition please fill out the
rafflecopter form, entries will close on the 11th of May.


286 thoughts on “Le Toy Van Competition

  1.   Barbarossa Pirate Ship. my child would have lots of fun with this.its got all the little bits a pirate ship has how clever x

  2. I love the Noah's Shape Sorte, what a fun way to learn about animals, shapes & colours.  With one of my little Munchkins birthdays coming up I'm thinking this could be the ideal thing for him. 

  3. I have to say I looked at wooden toys first as they are my favourite and, in particular, I like the Arks with the holes for the little wooden animals; fab craftsmanship and interesting too.

  4. I'm liking loads on the website. Its not a range I had heard of before. Possibly my favourite would be the Three Wishes Castle just because its really unusual

  5. I love Lionheart Castle and this Pirate ship, my son already has the pirates that go with it… just missing the ship!

  6. I think the Honeybee Market looks fab. my little girl loves playing shops and this would have loads of play value   🙂   x

  7. I've been wanting to give one of these to my nephew for ages!  My fav on Letoyvan.com is therefore Barbarossa Pirate Ship!

  8. I like Noah's shape sorter because I had one very similar and my kids really used to like it and had a lot of fun with it!

  9. I love the honeybake mixer set… although I don't even have a mixer of my own yet so a toy one would be a bit extravagant! All of their toys are so beautiful! x

  10. I actually love the Pirate Ship! we've been looking at it for a while! we'd also like Pippin Farm! Ahh so fab! @goriami

  11. The pirate ship because my son loves pirates so much we took him on a boat the other day and he had to dress like one and hide his treasure in the water lol.

  12. my favourite toy on your website would be this pirate ship, and also really like the lionheart castle. its my sons favourite colour aswell 🙂

    would love to win the pirate ship for my little man!

  13. Ive got to say im a big fan of there ark its also very educational as well,This pirate ship is great my little boy is pirate mad 🙂
    Google+ this post 🙂

  14. I love the fairy tower!  But its hard to choose a favourite as it makes me feel like a kid in a toyshop haha!  I'd want it all!

  15. There are so many great things but my son is very into Pirates at the moment, so I know e would love this TV251: Buccaneers Fort

  16. The  Daisylane Sitting Room is just the cutest thing. I love dolls houses and cant wait for my little girl to be old enough to have one.

  17. I would chose the Safari sets – elephants are my favourite animal and my youngest does an impressive roar!

  18. I like (and so do my 2 boys) the TV428:Firestation set, but (according to the 2 said boys) they would NEED 
    TV427: Fire engine playset  to go with it. lol. 

  19. Oh my god, my nephew would love this.  He is soooo in to pirate ships at the moment.  His birthday is in May so could be another present 🙂 

  20. Mayberry Manor dolls house – every little girl should have a dolls house at some point in their life

  21. Afternoon, PIRATE SHIP, Jacob loves pirates, we are taking him to Legoland Windsor, to stay overnight, in a pirate, theme room

  22. The Honeybake toaster set – my little toddler is obsessed with the toaster and shouts 'toooost' whenever she hears it pop up!

  23. The Lavender House dolls House is so lovely.  When i was little i always wanted a dolls house like this.  Reminds me of a country cottage, the colours and plants round the door.

  24. Choose my favorite! with so many great toys to choose from it could be difficult so I think if I couldne choose the pirate ships which look great I think I would have to go with the Buccaneers Fort but only because my son loves anything with cannons. I think if I was little again I would love a dolls house though or a fairy castle, see I told you it was difficult…

    How do you choose??
    the website you gave only shows the homepage and says "cannot display the page" when I click on catagories, so I went to wooden toyshop as they have loads of le toy van, and I absolutely adore the caravan and picnic with the car, all the dolls houses. I am going to be so broke. Blimey…just seen the camper van too, gorgeous…..the red bus is cute…and the little figures are really good. I like the playmats, they are different to the usual ones.

  26. I love the Cherry Tree Hall dolls house. Its the type of dolls house I have always dreamed of having. even now I'm the mummy hee hee!

  27. I love Pippin Farm, but I'm sure my daughter would love the Pirate Ships – She loves all things pirates and often likes to play pirates with her friends.

  28. So many to choose from >< probably the Zambezi and Savannah wild animals though , I love the zebra and giraffe and they are all so cute and chunky

  29. I love Honeybee Market – hours of fun setting up, selling and then using the food to make dinner

  30. Love the Camelot Castle – really get the little ones imagination going!! Though all the toys on there seem to do that! xoxo

  31. Has to be the Honeybake Baking Set as my nephew had this as he was obsessed with food mixers lol

  32. TV181: Honeybee Market (+1 Crate of Apples & Pears)i have twins they would love this we had one before it broke due to us leaving it outside 🙁

  33. The Pirate Ship – My grandsons Liam and Logan are Pirate crazy and I'm always making telescopes so they can look for buried treasure – Liam wants to be a pirate when ge grows up  – Love them to bits

  34. It has to be the pirate ship for my son, but I also love the farmyard, its a gorgeous well made classic toy that any kid would love 🙂

  35. I love the wooden ice lollies, im drooling just looking at them! All of the items are fantastic, we have a few of the budkins characters and they are incredible quality. I love traditional wooden toys (maybe even as much as Lexi and Logan do lol)

  36. The farmyard my son is 18months and loves to go to petting farms, and loves tractors, he would also like the pirate ship

  37. The Lionheart Castle is awesome, shame I didn't know about this when my son was younger, I could have had an excuse to play with this for hours.

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