Lego Duplo Competition

We have just come back from a stay in the Legoland Hotel that is how much we love Lego. The boys enjoyed having plenty to play with and being immersed in all things Lego for two whole days. So it’s only fitting really that I bring my lovely followers a chance to win some Lego of their own.

Children love Lego, its great to develop their fine motor skills – no not their skill in a car, but the control over the movement of their fingers and hand…

Lego is one of our favourite toys. We have so much Duplo in residence but we are upgrading to some of the older Lego slowly. Exciting times ahead!

The prize is brand new LEGO® DUPLO® Large Brick Box Set which is the perfect introduction to Lego. Duplo has fared us well for the last few years so hopefully someone will have as much fun as we did. I love that it is so strong and can survive pretty much everything a toddler does to it, including chomping hard on it!!!

To enter leave a comment below telling me what you would build if you won, the competition will close on the 24th of April.

168 thoughts on “Lego Duplo Competition

  1. We also love Lego, but the teen isn't too good at sharing his so the little ones need to build a collection of their own. We would build a Lego Duplo campervan together!

  2. Me and the little ones would build a castle, fit for princesses and knights to suit both tastes, lol! x

  3. I would build a 'retreat' for myself so I could pretend I was having a massage and a pamper session. Baby girls would build a tower and knock it down and then demand I build it again and again and again. My son would build a vehicle. One daughter would build a house and the other a horse stable!!! So much fun and so versatile, oh hubby would build a golf course!!!! x

  4. I would build a fire engine for my little boy! He's obsessed about anything connected to fire engines, so we could have so much fun doing it. I love how brightly coloured duplo is for children, it's lovely x

  5. i would build a train track as my little boy is obsessed with trains but we cant afford to buy him one at the moment

  6. My son would build something to do with Star Wars like a spaceship or something, heis crazy about Lego and Star Wars

  7. i asked my children, 1 would build a car, i would build a town and 1 would build johnny 5 is alive robot x

  8. I'd help my nephew build his version of castle (doesnt really look like a castle-more like a large tower). He loves all things royal, including dressing up like a king, making his own little kingdom would make his day!

  9. What we would build
    we would put in a field
    we would build it large
    As big as a barge
    Maybe we would build a house
    For a great big mouse
    But most of all we would have fun
    And build it in the sun
    Whatever it maybe.

  10. a town – with lots of houses and some animals – cats and dogs (not sure how easy that would be but if you have good imagination…)

  11. My 3 year old charge, Caspar, just said "I would build a thank-you card for the nice people who gave us the bricks!"

  12. I would build whatever my imagination comes up with. An alien, a castle or just a simple 2 up 2 down. thats the beauty of lego.

  13. A castle….My daughter love's building things and always builds castles to put her princesses in. Such a girly girl…

  14. My kids love building Lego towns so I imagine this would be turned in to a school or a shop !! lol x 

  15. I spend my life building towers for my 3 year old.  I might get a bit adventurous and build the Eiffel Tower.

  16. I think I would be building lots of 'Princess Castles' as this is all Munchkin wants to do with her blocks lately 🙂 x

  17. Hi, me again, (help), glad i found you, great blog, cant cook?, well your boys look happy, so does hubby, i stray, this would be for great gran son Jacob, he loves his lego, nearly 3, big bricks are great, he loves building mummy a house, with a huge garden (hint), so good luck all and thanks

  18. I always try to build something interesting but it always ends up as a tower.  I totally lack lego skills,  kids love knocking them down though.

  19. My children and now my grandchildren all love Lego. One of my grandsons is spending his birthday in Legoland this year instead of having a party. I would like to be able to say I would build something really amazing but sadly after all the practice I have had I am likely to be asked 'What's that Nan?' 

  20. my daughter has a box of lego and makes us sit building millions of little lego dogs, im sure she would have my younger child doing the same with her Duplo

  21. My granddaughter has wished for this box for some time and if we won I know we would be building bridges and towers and tunnels for quite long periods of time! She adores the 'car' on the fron and I am sure would get hours of pleasure from this. At the moment she borrows old Duplo from her uncles!

  22. I would  build a magic castle and we would play Kings, Queens, fairy princesses and handsome princes.

  23. My young children have wanted this set for a few months and we suggested they ask Father Christmas.  We would all build a house together – just like the one we live in.

  24. I would build (with little hands help!) a castle and a dragon, then we could play fairytales and legends out, we could have all sorts of fun!

  25. My daughter would try and build anything she wanted, as duplo can be taken appart and built up into many things time and time again. A tower, a plane. a castle, a house, a mouse, a cat etc

  26. I'd build a tractor, they're a family favourite at the moment & who am I to go against a family trend!  Loved Lego growing up, you can just let your imagination loose. 

  27. I would build a monkey (or at least that would be what my little boy would ask me to construct!).  I would try and persuade him that a car was a much better idea! 

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