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I had the slightly sad news that my seasonal position in the local charity shop will not be renewed this year (cutbacks across all the stores not just me being pants at my job thankfully at least!), so hubbie and I are going to have to learn to be more frugal! So I was quite pleased when I got four free packets of seeds from a RHS website offer.

We now have squash, tomatoes, spring onions and sweetcorn all potted around the place. Hopefully they will all take and we can make a big saving on our weekly shopping. I just need to convince hubbie to let me have a cow to milk and some chickens in our garden and I am practically Barbara Good, but I do draw the line at stinging nettle soup!

I just need to invest in some decent wellies and one of those wax jackets and away I go (although buying those things might not entirely be a step in the right direction of making cutbacks!). I am hoping hubbie will not ask me to cut back on my twice-weekly coffee sessions with the girls. But he still has his world of Warcraft subscription (not that he plays much anymore thankfully!) so I still have some leverage…
Thankfully our sunflowers have started sprouting, so there is still hope for us in the great sunflower competition!

8 thoughts on “Living the Good Life

  1. Good luck with the Veg – this is something I love to do in my little garden after being bought up on a small-holding never having shop bought veggies!  Chantenay carrots grow exceedingly well in tubs and taste delicious – they are also perfect size for little helpers to pull, wash and scoff :0)

    I have a suggestion for you – for frugality, you have to read the Shopaholic Books by Sophie Kinsella and for domestic bores, sorry, chores her "How to be a Domestic Goddess" – I think you will enjoy them!

    Keep up the good work

  2. Good luck with growing the veg.We are trying this for the first time this year.Think it's great for the kids to get involved and if it saves some money that is fab xx

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment and love the idea of growing chantenay carrots, I remember buying them before and enjoying them!  Be perfect to have my own supply! Thank you the book suggestions too! I love reading 🙂 x

  4. Hi Sarah, hope yours do well too 🙂 It is fun for the kids isn't it, they keep checking their sunflowers all the time!  Am hoping growing their own veg will help them be better veg eaters too! 🙂 x

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