More fantastic Maverick Books

Youngest loved Grandma Bendy by Izy Penguin, a charming story of a reformed criminal (yes really!) who after a spell in prison realises she can use her special powers (extreme bendiness!) for good.

I like it that I can start drumming into my children at this young age that crime does not pay and how sad Grandma Bendy was when she was burgled which made her hand herself in! It made her realise the consequences of her actions. They even pinched her gold fish! Very determined burglars indeed…

I think he is slightly disappointed his grandparents are not super bendy! Although taid (granddad in Welsh) is rather good at hide and seek regardless!

Available to buy from May for £6.99, however you can pre-order Grandma Bendy now

Eldest was more partial to The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble by Angela Mitchell and I must admit it was my favourite of the two as well. I quite like the idea of a Princess still being demanding on her 89th birthday as if she was a small child.

The princess is presented with a fine jelly, but is disappointed that it does not wobble and so commences the challenge to get it to wobble with the reward of many chocolate coins (my kind of reward)!

The jelly has a face and growls he does not want to be eaten! In the end he is, poor jelly, so does have a little dark side like many Maverick books. But nice that a young boy is the one who manages to get the jelly wobbling and duly receives his chocolate sovereigns reward.

I kept expecting the Princess to start shouting off with your head! But she was relatively well behaved just a little spoilt.

Available to buy from May for £6.99, but you can pre-order The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble now

Definitely two more great additions from Maverick!

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