Naturally Cool Kids Competition

I won two Naturally Cool Kids winter products back when I first started blogging in November, you can
read more about it here. I must say
back then I was impressed, my boys did not have any reaction to the products,
they were easy to apply to their skin and really helped them. So I am quite excited Naturally Cool Kids
were happy to host a competition on my blog.


With the prospect of warm weather looming, well we did
have a rare nice day today, its time to start thinking about stocking up on
Suntan lotion and protection against any flying bugs that take a fancy to
us! Usually I just waft them away with
my hand, but youngest has a small flying bug phobia, so it was with great
interest I found bug bands on the Naturally Cool Kids website. They look pretty trendy and with natural
oils deter those biters without chemicals.



For an RRP of £3.95 with 100 hours’
protection, they would be perfect if you planned on taking the kids
camping! I wish I had these available
to me back when I was doing Camp America I was eaten alive by mosquitoes, I do
not know what is was about me they liked so much, but they could just not get
enough!!! I would have gladly filled my
giant rucksack just with bug bands and left everything else at home if it meant
I had been left in peace. You can even
wear these bands on your ankles!


The Sunshine Armour Sun Cream (£15.95) sounds like it would smell divine, using
natural ingredients including aloe leaf and organic liquorice extracts, coconut
and apricot kernel oils. I have to be
careful applying sun cream to my youngest especially on his face, his eyes
water and go puffy if it gets anywhere near them, so I like the sound of a very
natural product.


They also have a Cool ‘n’ Soothe After Sun Lotion (£9.95) which you can always use on your own skin! If you are like me and have a habit of
making sure the children are ALWAYS covered in Sun Cream, but failing to do
yourself. But either way this would be
a welcome treat for the whole family after hitting the beach. Your skin could be cooled and soothed!


So what have Naturally Cool Kids kindly donated to my prize stash… well they are going to send one
winner a Summer Care Pack, consisting of sun cream, after sun and pair of bug bands and then
three lucky runner ups shall win a pair of bug bands each. If you would like to enter please complete
the rafflecopter below and this competition will close on the 5th of


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159 thoughts on “Naturally Cool Kids Competition

  1. I think the hair & body wash sounds fab and would b great for both my kids. Lavender and orange fragrance sounds lush! x

  2. Double Bubble hair and body. My son has sensitive skin so this natural, chemical and soap free wash sounds lovely and extra easy as a two in one!

  3. The Breathe Easy Vapour stick sounds amazing!!! I hate it when my little gets a cold and is up all night trying to breathe through his nose! So this would be perfect!!!!!

  4. I think its really great to find a range of products that look like they will be kind to skin.  I know from experience how horrible it is to be smothered in sun lotion all day and insect repellent at night, my skin really doesn't like it…so yeyyy for kind products!  It would be great to try them!

  5. The bug bands sound great – we have a problem with bugs here living in such a rural place * it's not always easy to persuade my son to let me cover him in bug repellent

  6. The bug bands are a great idea something very different and perfect for summer holidays
    Already a follower of missing sleep and Google+ this post 🙂

  7. Love the cheek & lip protector, 100% natural is always good, my gran used to make something up for me when I was little, being very fair skinned & a red head I burn quite easily, only wished I know what it was, as it was made from herb etc. I used to use it on my shoulder & nose & if it was a really hot day or we was at the beach them Mother would cover me in it, as far as I remember it was colourless, but it worked I very rarely got burnt as a child.

  8. The bug band cos I'm allergic to repellent (not sure if my little one is yet) and we're going away soon so this seems like a good idea especially as it doesn't need to be applied to the skin.  Great compromise to prevent any possible problems.

  9. The SPF25 sun creme, my eldest son's eczma is played up by normal sun creme, this sounds ideal for all of us. xx

  10. Think I will be passing the Bug bands idea alont to my parents, they take the kids to their caravan and walks in the woods all the time in the summer.

  11. The sun cream, as it's all natural and has a lower SPF than most suncreams for babies/children.

  12. the bug bands are a great idea. I live next to a river and the swarms of biting bugs you see flying around the streets and gardens here is horrible >< We normally end up with about 50 bites a week each in the middle of summer

  13. I think the Vapour Sticks sounds brilliant-we struggle so much with our little boy when he is full of cold and hayfever, his not old enough for Vick Vapour Rub and the Snufflebabe rub is a little too mild.

  14. the bug bands sound really great me and my mate are thinking of goin camping when we finally get to summer so i would love one of these to take with me for my 3 yr old son x

  15. The prodicts sound like the smell lovely – which should help my efforts in trying to get the creamed for summer.  

  16. I like the sound of the bug bands – but for me not the kids is that wrong?! I seem to be a magnet for all things stingy and bitey but thankfully neither of my two seem to have inherited that particular delight 🙂

  17. The Lip & Cheek Protector Stick is a fab idea, useful all year round for wee runny noses etc, as well as in the sun 🙂

  18. Love the bug bands, we live in Scotland, and the midgies really love my little one so these would be a big help!

  19. I like the sound of the Lip and Cheek Protector Stick, looks really easy to use and easy for little hands to hold themselves!

  20. Would be great for my grandson, this will be his first summer, so will need to protect his delicate skin

  21. OOooo so hard to chose – I think I would go for the body and hair wash – need a nice calm evening!!

  22. Definitely the bug bands. Why haven't I heard or seen of them before? Bites have made my holidays a misery for years. Apparently we all get bitten but only some of us get the reaction to the bite which makes us itch. I was told this by a doctor when he was treating my son who also suffers, whereas my husband and daughter do not. 

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