Orchard Toys Rocket Game Review

Here is our video review for Izziwizzikids.co.uk, sometimes with board games it just really helps to see them in action! So here we are demonstrating this game for you:

Orchard Toys have plenty more educational games for you to discover!

3 thoughts on “Orchard Toys Rocket Game Review

  1. great video blog nice and detailed fab little game. Also i got to hear you voice really nice. Lady you have two boys and a cream carpet how on earth do you keep that clean

  2. If you saw our cream lounge you would realise we don't quite manage it, really want to invest in wooden flooring!!! But the boys bedrooms manage to stay quite nice somehow 🙂 x

  3. Thanks to you and Ethan for a very informative demo of this game.  Watching you play was better than reading a review.  Lovely !

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