Pabobo Lumilove Penguin Review and Competition

We were especially pleased to be sent one of these to review. The little fella is so very cute and has already been providing lots of comfort to my boys. As a parent we want our children settled, as sleep is so important to help them grow and thrive. Plus we need a rest come 7pm! So when our children are scared of the dark it can be hard for us both.

My eldest was reassured from having his door ajar so light would come in the room, but the problem with that I worried about it being noisy when we were moving about doing chores. This Lumilove Penguin helps resolve that as you can have the door closed over and the night-light take care of banishing the dark!

The Lumilove Penguin is available in 3 shades, Blue, Pink, and Taupe and is suitable from birth, as it does not heat up. It is available to purchase from Amazon for £38.50. I think it would make a great present for a new parent; I am sure they would get a lot of use out of it and sometimes as a new parent we just get swamped with 0-3 months clothes gifts and not get much else. The amount of my friends who has passed on clothing with tags still on is shocking because they never got through it all before the baby grew. Am sure they would have appreciated a night-light more!

After the initial first longer charge you need only charge for seven hours to get eleven hours of gentle light. I love it that your child can choose where to put the night-light and no worries about any dangerous cables once charged. So you can relax and feel safe in the knowledge your child won’t be in danger, even if they decide to tuck them in bed next to them.

Some night-light music set off at a mighty rate, very loud, almost going for the wake up and dance approach which is far from soothing but this one was perfect. The Lumilove Penguin’s music was pleasant and calming. I could see myself nod off with that on in the background.

We have a daily night share on Lumilove Penguin; the boys reluctantly give him up for his morning charging and then whoever is due him next, revels in delight! Lumilove Penguin is much loved already and has been welcomed into our family.

But now I have spotted the Barbapapa awww he looks like a friendly jellybean and the Lumilove Savanoo with adjustable arms and legs looks like more fun to play with! You are really spoilt for choice when it comes to night-lights with Pabobo.

To enter the competition please fill in the rafflecopter below by midnight on the 2nd of May


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199 thoughts on “Pabobo Lumilove Penguin Review and Competition

  1. I'd love to win as my daughter does not like to sleep in the dark and I currently keep a lamp on which is probably dangerous and also harmful to the enviroment and a waste of electricity.

  2. We always have to have a nightlight, but it often goes missing as it doubles as a torch and then gets left somewhere dark so is difficult to find. This would be ideal instead

  3. We have needed a nightlight for my daughter for around a year now, and use the baby monitor. This is a gorgeous alternative! And with baby #2 due soon, this would be perfect! x

  4. My lil boy would love this, as it might help him go to sleep in his own cot at night time instead of mummy and daddys bed 🙂

  5. I would like to win one of these for my daughter as she likes to sleep with the light on – I think this may start to wean her off that idea!

  6. I would like to win as I have bad dreams and like to have a night light on when I wake up in the night. My current night light isn't as cute as this one.

  7. I would love to win this for my little girl as she is very wary of the dark still and her door has to be left ajar. We have tried quite a few night lights but often find they are too bright. This one looks perfect! x

  8. I'd like to win this for my best friend, who after IVF, is now 8 months pregnant with her first child. It's just the sort of quirky gift she'd appreciate!

  9. I would love to win this for my son, he turns 2 next week and currently has to have his door left open to sleep with and the landing light on! hopefully this would allow me to turn the bright light off so we could all sleep a bit better 🙂

  10. I would love this for my little girl Pheobe who's 4, she does'nt like the dark and I think this could help her to sleep a bit better 🙂  

  11. I'm going in for this competition on behalf of my 2 year old son as I know he would love this in his room at night.

  12. I would like to win because – the penguin is so cute. It sounds as thought it would be perfect for my son who is not keen on the dark.  

  13. My daughter would love this night light, it is so cute! Our second baby is due in May and I'm worried that my daughter will be kept awake by all the fuss so this would be a great time to win this.

  14. I love this, and I know my daughter would love it even more. She braved giving up her night time bottle tonight and deserves a special prize and this would be perfect.

  15. I think this would make a lovely gift to give to my niece when her little sister or brother is born in June. I'm looking for something just for her to let her know she's not forgotten in all the fuss.

  16. I would like to win it for my son and daughter, they are in a habit of having the landing light on with the door open, as my daughter goes to bed first she would use it, her brother is older so stays up a bit longer and he could then take it to bed.

  17. It's a gorgeous nightlight! Not too bright or too dim. Perfect for my little one to safely carry it round.

  18. Morning, why would i like to win?, my first Grandaughter Summer, born 28Dec 2011, not going into long sad story, is minus her dad who walked out, this would help my daughter settle her, in a strange house, good luck to all, your boys are lovely, not sure our collie would approve of the cats!, she belives all cats live at the top of very tall trees or on the roof of houses, have a great weekend, fab giveaway and thanks

  19. My son is penguin mad. He sis too old for Pingu but too young to afford a trip to antarctiva so this would be brilliant for him.

  20. It would be great for when my little nephews stop over, I also worry about noise waking them up because my house is open plan meaning our voices and movements travel up into their room.  The youngest would sleep through anything but we hae to tiptoe around Oz

  21. My son would love this to go to bed with. its such a good boy going to bed but sometimes pipes / house noises scare him. this would be perfect to keep his feeling safe. 

  22. My daughter is in love with penguins, we spent an hour watching them at the zoo a few months ago, she thought they were hilarious, and chose a cuddly version from the gift shop on our way out, which has quickly become part of our family life (poor old pushed out rabbit). The last few weeks she's developed a fear of the dark and this could be the answer to our problems!

  23. My little boy is going through the stage where he is scared of the dark but he doesnt like the night light but has to have a lamp,This would be great for him as its very soothing colours and totally different from other night lights x
    google+ this post 🙂

  24. id love this for my granddaughter shes being very grown up now and sleeping in her own bed not mummy and daddys but still gets anxious re the darkness. this would be very reassuring for her and helpful plus if it was from granny would be even more special

  25. For my grandson to love. He adores penguins since we took him to the zoo. Yhey were the only animals he was'nt frightened of.

  26. My 3 year old sleeps with me as she is afraid of the dark, hopefully this will get her back in her own bed and my husband can move out of the spare room

  27. My little boy can't sleep unless he has some sort of light on and I worry about him pulling the cables, so the penguin would be an ideal solution.x

  28. My two oldest have just started getting a bit scared of the dark (my oldest actually – the younger just copies her!). This looks like it would be ideal to scare off the night frights! 🙂 @pipersky1

  29. As my daughter has become afraid of the dark and i would like this to be able to leave the light off, but for it not to be totally dark.

  30. I have a grandaughter who is afraid to go past her bedroom door to the toilet and this would be great to shine her way past

  31. I would love to win as this may be the answer to help keep my daughter in her bed all night and i could then have a good nights sleep just for once.

  32. I would love to win this for my daughter, who is still sometimes a little unsure of the dark. She would love this.

  33. I'd like to win because I love giving presents to my grandchildren.  Especially things like this that I'd like myself!

  34. I've just moved my daughter into her own bedroom (from ours) and it would be lovely for her to have a companion 🙂

  35. I'd love to win this! It would be great for my two little boy's room. My oldest hates the dark and has to have a lamp but the lamp normaly wakes my youngest up. This would be perfect for my oldest to keep in bed with him or next to him without disturbing my youngest. Not to mention the design is adorable! Brilliant 🙂

  36. OH this would be lovely for my little Munchkin, he's just progressed from his cot to his own "big boy" bed, I've been trying to look around for a nightlight but most were just like plugs this is just brilliant!  

  37. I have a 3 year old daugter who has trouble sleeping through the night.  We're currently at the stage of keeping the door ajar (as you were) but as you mentioned, noises from downstairs can wake her up or even worse, she stubbles into our bed in the night.  I'd love to give the night-light a try- I like the safety aspect (no cables) and love the idea that it's like a little friend which she can carry around where she wants.   I personally think it's too expensive (for my budget anyway) so fingers crossed x

  38. I'd like to win as I'm expecting my first baby and busy kitting out the nursery. This would make a lovely addition that would be used for those first few years.

  39. Baby Ruby who is 1 year old often wakes up during the night crying. This penguin night light would be a great comfort for her

  40. I would love to win as I'm about to take the sides off the cot for my little man and this nightlight would be a perfect aid for him to use when trying to take himself to the bathroom in the middle of the night 

  41. If my daughter slept with this in her room, it might stop her coming into my bedroom in the night (fingers crossed!)

  42. My 2 year old daughter has never spent a full night in her own bed. This might help her to stay in her own room and give me and her Dad a full nights sleep.

  43. Would love to win this as my son has recently become scared of the dark..! This cute little light friend would help keep him calm when he wakes at night! 🙂 x

  44. This would be so useful as I could plug it into the hall outside my son's room so he could see it but it would also help when my daughter gets up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

  45. Because my daughter  needs a light to sleep. I wouldn't consider asking her to sleep in the dark but this would really save on my electricity bills!

  46. i have two little boys who like a night light on (at the moment it's in the hall) this would be a perfect substitute

  47. i have twins they sleep together as they are afraid of the dark would love for them to sleep in thier own rooms i think this will help x

  48. I would love love love to win one of these, I have a 4yr old daughter called Tiana and she too does not like her door being shut at night and likes the hallway light being on, we currently have a 10 week old kitten who loves to run in and out of Tiana's room and disturb her so to win one of these would be ideal 🙂 

  49. I would love one of these for my little girl, at the moment she has fairy lights on her bed head and i don't really like them being there, she won't go to sleep without them on and i have to try and get in to her room as soon as i can to turn them off.

  50. I'd like to win a Lumilove penguin for my 2 year old penguin-mad son.  He's always had a baby monitor with a night-light on it in his room but we've had to move it to use for his new baby brother – now he's insisting on having the landing light on all night!

  51. I would love to win as my brother has just had his first child and I would love to give him this as a surprise. I just wish these were avalible when I had my own children.

  52. Well I would like to say I want to win to give it to Sophie but that be lying as I would like to win it for myself cos it's so cute & would make me smile!

  53. My sister in law has just had a baby and she is struggling with her sleep pattern so this may just do the trick!

  54. My friend is due a baby any day now and this would be an ideal present for her to help baby with sleeping. 

  55. I would love this for my great nephew Jay who has just turned 1 and I haven't even had a cuddle yet as he lives in Australia 🙁

  56. id love to win this for my new nephews to be nursery, what a lovely addition it would make to a new born x

  57. would love this for my son , he's 1 and has just started having trouble sleeping and this could help. My older son would also love it as he shares a room with him and he's getting fed up getting woken up 😛

  58. I would love to win as my little boy is scared of the dark, and sometimes when i go to bed and close his door and turn the landing light off he wakes up which results in me leaving his door open and leaving the landing light on when i go to bed, but then it shines into our room and we like it dark lol. Something like this might be really good for us, then hopefully we can leave lights off!

  59. I woud love to win because … we have just moved home and my little one is finding our large new home a little scary – especially at bedtime!

  60. I have a new grandchild due in May and this would be a lovely addition to my spare room that I'm getting ready for those "baby-sitting duties" I hope will be coming up!

  61. I'd love to win this for my little girl she's 9 months old and hasn't got a night light yet we just leave the landing light on and her door slightly ajar so i'm sure she would love this and i'd be very happy too.

  62. I would love to win this to give my daughter some much needed rest! My 7 month old granddaughter wont settle since being put to sleep in her nursery, and my daughter is just exhausted. Amelia loves her toys – ed's as she calls them 😀 – and I'm sure this particular 'ed' would comfort her and hopefully help her settle a bit more easily 🙂

  63. Our son has just turned two and seems to be suffering from night terrors, we have been considering a night light for some time but havnt come across one that doesnt seem to light the whole room up. I think its the waking up in darkness that is frightening him.

  64. followed on twitter but the rafflecopter wouldnt enter it xx would love to win as my little man is finally in his own bed and it would really help him feel settled and safe xx @kellieannem83

  65. this is great as i am always having to leave the landing light on at night for my little boy, so having this not only would give him light but he would love it xx

  66. My 2 year old daughter is mad on penguins and does nt have a nightlight, we are just thinking about putting her in a bed so this would be perfect x

  67. I'd love to win this for Piper (aged 4) who always asks for the bedroom door to be left ajar and the landing light on. She loves penguins after watching Happy Feet and Madagascar so often so this might just help us to break the 'leave a light on' habit! 

  68. Getting worried that sleeping with the light on just a little is becoming a bad habit to get into and wondering how to break it. This might just do the trick!

  69. I would love this for my young son whom we are having trouble getting to stay in his bed.  This could help as a comforter and he loves Penguins as well.

  70. My son likes the hall light on at night, but my husband likes it dark. With cats that can open doors this means one of the men in my life is always unhappy at night. Using the night light for my 3 year old would make them both happy (as happy as men get anyway).

  71. Because it would be perfect for my little one; she has nightmares so I think it would help to keep her feeling safe.

  72. I'd love to win one for my 2 year old for who I have to leave the light on low for when she goes to bed (and then sneak in in the night and turn it off) 🙂

  73. id like to win this for my grandson who is nearly, he will soon be sleeping over and it might help him with his first night away from his mum and dad

  74. id love to win this unique night light for a beautiful boy who has aspergers and is afraid of the dark
    good luck everyone 🙂

  75. As I have a little boy who makes me leave the landing light on.. This might save my electricity bill and its super cute!

  76. What a lovely little light. I'd be tempted to keep it for myself as I'm still scared of the dark at 43 (I know!, I know!). 
    Any child would love this 

  77. My son is nearly 4 and i have to leave his door open with bathrooom light on. He has been like this for past 6 mths from having his door shut whenever he goes to bed. If we go to toilet or I take dog out you hear a tired voice saying mammy and i have to reassure him its me this would be great for him and extremely useful for us lol not having to tiptoe round all the time.

  78. I would love to win this for my daughter, her night light has just broken and we are keeping her her door open and the landing light on but I think it's too bright as she's not been sleeping well. This would be the perfect replacement!

  79. my boy has just recently become afraid of the dark, he's just turned two and i think this would be just enough light to keep him happy x

  80. this would be great for my son, he likes to have as many lights on as possible so this might be a good alternative, bonus that its penguin shaped as it will fit in witht he penguin and polar bear that sleep with him every night…

  81. this would be great for my baby, i used to always sleep with a night light and would want my baby too

  82. i would love to win as this is beyond cute and i hate to admit this – im 36, and i cannot abide with sleeping without a light on!

  83. My 2 year old daughter has just begun to be scared of the dark. This night light will aid her to sleep through and hopefully realise the dark is not such a scary place.

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