Pig Goes Pop Competition

I have one Pig Goes Pop game to giveaway to a very lucky follower of my blog. You can read more about this fantastic game here when we reviewed it back in February.

This is the perfect game to take along on your holidays so you have something portable, easy to set up and a great source of entertainment. Nothing worse than being stuck in a hotel room or a member of your families’ house with nothing to keep your children occupied! 

Help keep their precious ornaments safe by bringing suitable games to stop them getting up to mischief! I wish I had thought of this and taken our Pig Goes Pop with us, instead granddad’s house was at the mercy of an inquisitive preschooler! The poor fish tank got tapped a lot… ornaments were inspected… moved around, hidden… Note to self: MUST always pack Pig Goes Pop!!! Must try and keep sane on family visiting holidays…

You can find out stockists of Pig Goes Pop here www.drumondpark.com or call 01506 855577

Find out more about the fantastic games Drumond Park have on offer at http://www.facebook.com/drumondpark and www.twitter.com/drumondpark

The competition will close on the 20th of April, to enter please complete the rafflecopter form below.


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128 thoughts on “Pig Goes Pop Competition

  1. We love Rapidough.  We even played it with my Grandad on what was his last Christmas and he was 78 then so it is definitely a great game for ALL the family 🙂

  2.  Has to be Doh Nutters i used to play this when i was little too its a classic and so much fun 🙂

  3. Family Fortunes!  My son just kept pressing the buzzer over and over and over until it broke oops!

  4. My son has Pig Goes Pop already and loves it. His friends are very jealous that we own it so I would love to win another one to give as a present!

  5. Dinobite – my son had this for Christmas and we play it over and over again. Hopefully I can win Pig Goes Pop and have a bit of variety!

  6. I buy a board game for the family every Christmas and the last two years we have had 'The Best of British' and 'Articulate Your Life', both of which happen to be Drumond Park games.  We enjoy playing them both equally.

  7. For christmas our toddler got bought Pumpaloons, i was so surprised at how much fun it is and if im honest i think me and my partner enjoy it more than our son.hehehe

  8. theres a disney junior scrabble that i got for 20p from a charity shop. its all the disney characters names on a strip of card and you lay it out in the same way you play scrabble. its easier for the littlens 2 learn to spell. i play it with my toddler sons now but i bought it for my daughter who just got a full scolarship to grammar school!

  9. We like playing Best of British – we've really had some laughs because we keep forgetting that all the answers are to do with Britain and keep giving silly answers! Plus my friend Holly likes playing this because she once got the question 'what is the most popular name for girls born in December…and guess what the answer was!

  10. Doh Nutters you look silly but its great fun, the looking silly bit makes it even more fun.  My kids love it.

  11. We love playing balderdash its great making up what the answer could be and see if you can tell if someone was lying 

  12. Don't Laugh – I got this for my daughter at christmas and it has brought lots of laughter to the household ever since!

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