Primary School A Parent’s Guide Book

We were sent another of the fantastic Need 2 Know guidebooks. I must admit I am more than a little impressed with this range. This is my third review for them and I have not been disappointed yet.

I am quite a worrier of a parent, so a book to help me feel more prepared for things is always a bonus. If your apprehensive about what your little treasures experience of Primary school will be akin to this is most likely the book for you.

Again it is well set out, easy to read and very informative, which seems a trademark of the Need 2 Know series of books. As my son is already in primary school I flicked through the help choosing a school section. But I could see this would be extremely helpful if you were unsure of where to send your child. I especially liked the suggested questions to ask on your visit to a school. I think they would help you go in more prepared and you would gain a lot more from your visit.

There was an admissions chapter, which is useful if you’re concerned about getting your child into a certain school. My favourite section covered tips to make it easier for your child to start school, like suggesting you meet up with other children in the same class so your child has made some friends ready. My boys have had tons of playdates and I have always known lots of mums, so school gate chat has never been a problem for me. But I like how it tells you how you as a parent can get involved in the school if you did not know other parents.

The book has helped reassure me that my son is on target and that all children develop at different rates. I am glad I now have some idea of future assessment in store for my son. So I can guide and help him through what can often be a stressful time for a young child.

The help list at the back of the book was filled with an assortment of informative sites to go to, whatever your concerns or extra assistance you may need you will find something suitable there. All in all another enlightening book for my growing collection!

You can purchase this book from Amazon for £6.79 an absolute steal at that price

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