Saving money whilst raising your children

just lost my seasonal job (damn those cut backs!) I thought it would be nice to
share these top tips from Savvy Mummys – the savvy spending experts, after all
I definitely need to start being more careful with the pennies, so perhaps this
will help some of my followers too!

much as we love our little bundles of joy, bringing them up can be very costly!
£200,000 is the amount predicted by one study for bringing up baby1 and in
these times many parents are desperately trying to make their money stretch.
Savvy Mummys, the online money saving site, believes that parents should be
able to enjoy the momentous journey of parenthood with as little worry as
possible. Here are their top tips for saving money when you have children,
ensuring you don’t break the bank providing for your little ones.

sale savvy

be on the lookout for discounts, deals and offers that can help you save! There
are bargains to be had on pretty much everything nowadays from clothing to
food, days out to toys so become savvy and sign up to as many discount
providers as possible and remember, Savvy Mummys is a daily deal site
especially designed to save mummies money. Deals are sourced by mums for mums
and emailed directly to your inbox so you’re sure to always be in the know.


all find ourselves bored of our clothes, on a constant raid through our own
wardrobes only to find nothing we like. Why not get to together with local mums
and arrange a clothes swap where you can trade your unloved clothes. What’s
more, you can do the same for your children so you and mums alike can get your
fashion fix and keep your children’s wardrobes up-to-date without a heavy price

days out

are bundles of fun-filled activities that you can do with your children at no
cost what so ever! Ever considered taking your kids for an educational day out
to your local museum? Or to you’re nearest Country Park to feed the ducks?
Search online and in your local newspaper for places near to you and with many
museums and play areas offering free admission, you are left with a great
alternative to an otherwise expensive day out! Simple activities such as these
provide a cheap way of keeping your children entertained during school holidays
and weekends – just pack up a lunch and you’re on your way!


spend a fortune on new books when you can explore the wide range available in
your local library for free? It’s a savvy way of finding some brilliant books
to read to your children without breaking the bank. What’s more, your children
will love visiting the library and picking out their favourite books – another
free day out!

before you buy

If your kids won’t stop asking for the latest game, CD,
book or DVD and you simply can’t afford to buy it or aren’t convinced its worth
parting with your hard-earned cash for, check it out at your local library,
games stores or ask around to borrow DVD’s. This will give you the chance to
try before you buy and many games stores also offer cash back for trading in
old games so you could take in those that are never played with and swap them
again and again!

Mummys is a community-based daily deal site that offers mums super-sized
savings on all things mummy related. With Mum Time deals for when you have your
mummy hat on and Me Time deals for when you are looking for some self
indulgence; Savvy Mummys offers everything from baby clothes to childcare, toys
to holidays, fitness to family activities, dining, beauty and more! To become a
Savvy Mummy member, sign-up at”

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