SK Modelling Chocolate Cocoform

We were sent a pack of the dark and milk variants
flavoured with Brazilian Orange oil. It
is made with pure Belgium chocolate and I must admit we were very excited to be
trying it! Hubbie has gone baking mad
lately and I am enjoying the cake bounty (although I may need to join the gym

to shape but does get sticky when warm, they suggest using cornflower on your
work top in the helpful video if this happens, but in our well stocked kitchen…
we tend not to have these things in ooops! 
Perfect paste to make flowers to decorate or you can even add the same
quantity of marzipan to the Cocoform and then roll out as a delicious cake
covering… I can only imagine how mouth watering that would be! I better not tell my marzipan mad mum about
the possibility!

said making the rose was quite relaxing, nice having the satisfaction of
creating something so pretty and the fact its so damn edible does not hurt

The video is very detailed so
it’s quite easy for anyone to make a rose; my only problem would be I couldn’t
make it without having the odd nibble. 
We left a little piece each for the boys to have a play with but it
basically went straight in their mouths once they tasted how nice it was!

like these are making hubbie’s cakes look more exclusive; it’s almost a shame
to eat it! But I will… just look at it how can I not haha!

to buy from the Squires Kitchen website for £7.99 and you can also get a mint variety.


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