Steenbergs Organic Extracts

We were sent four of these 100ml bottles to review. I am very impressed with the quality; you only need to use a small amount to bring a pleasant and noticeable taste to your baking/cooking. The bottles might cost more than you normally intend to spend, but given they are organic AND they are big bottles, that will last a considerable time, I think its an investment for your taste buds!

Hubbie made us a Lemon Drizzle cake, as you can see from the picture it turned out quite nicely! But the taste is something else; I have just spent a very pleasurable few minutes devouring a slice. I also like how nice the product smells, a very natural and fresh smell of lemons.

We have plans for the other variants we were sent. I intend on making Peppermint Creams with the boys. I know they will enjoy that and going on how successful the Organic Lemon Essence was I think we will be in for another treat. The Organic Orange Blossom Water might find its way into one of hubbie’s trademark chocolate cakes. We will keep you posted as to how we get on. But looking very positive so far. I might even add some of the Vanilla extract to the boys hot chocolates. The opportunities are pretty limitless.

You can read more about Steenbergs and see some great recipes and purchase any of these products on their website. Baking excites me anyway (yes really! perhaps I need to get out more!!!) but with products like these it’s going to be even more enjoyable…

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  1. Now they look really interesting as a baker myself i would like to try these. Your hubby needs to quit his job and go full time cake making he is amazing and would put the WI to shame

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