stewed! one pot breakfast review

We were sent a pot of this to sample, I had not experienced stewed! before but have a feeling we will be back for more soon. It really did come to the rescue I went into the kitchen to make lunch for myself and my youngest and realised the cupboards were bare! I felt like Mother Hubbard, we had no bread, no nothing! Except for a pot of Beans, Bacon and Bangers (RRP £3.79) to review, phew thankfully stewed! came to the rescue!

So youngest and I shared it out and it was surprisingly filling (fortunately given our meagre supplies in the house!). It was nice with the colder last couple of days we have had to find something warming to eat for breakfast or in our case lunch!

It was very flavoursome and it must have been good as youngest was happy enough to eat it. If you have not experience stewed! before I think you should. It smelt lovely cooking in the microwave too, my favourite kind of cooking, “bing, Its done…”. No greasy cooking trays to wash afterwards too, minimum fuss and maximum taste. Also counts as 2 of your 5 a day, got to love that. I always find it tricky squeezing in my 5 a day, with the lure of chocolate and cake pulling me to the dark side!

Available to buy now from now! I do not always buy every line out of a press release but I like this one “with cowboy supper-under-the-stars top notes” – got to love that! I should have got youngest to wear his cowboy hat for his luncheon.

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