Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse Review

the lack of sun, we just sampled some indoors to give it a whirl. It is getting close to the time we need to
think about kids sun protection but the weather is just not playing ball at the

It was easy to apply; it
rubs in well with an even coverage. My
usual brand of factor 50 for my boys tends to turn them completely white and it
usually does not shift even with a thorough rubbing in! So this was a welcome change, as I know when
it is sunny I can now send them outdoors without pale pasty complexions
resembling Casper’s best buddies!!!

one thing that lets it down for me is the smell, I love sunscreen to remind me
of holidays and this is fragrance free. 
No exciting fragrance, just an indifferent sort of smell, although this
does make it more suitable for children and babies sensitive skin. If there were perfumes in the mousse it
might irritate them. So it certainly would
not put me off buying it myself, especially as my boys had no adverse reaction
to it.

love this on me!” Youngest proclaimed

think this is a good sunscreen to buy, as Sudocrem is a reliable trustworthy
brand, which we used lots when my boys were younger for preventing nappy rash. Plus a HUGE bonus is that this mousse is more water resistant, my boys love paddling non stop when they are on the beach so I know they are going to be okay and not need constant reapplications. Especially as getting them to come back for more when they are happy playing is not so easy!

find out more head over to their website and you can also purchase it online
from Boots currently on offer for £10.00 (usually has an RRP of £15 so bit of a
deal there!).

2 thoughts on “Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse Review

  1. This sounds good… I havent even heard of Sudocrem sun mousse… I bet its nice… I love Sudocrem… Will defo look out for it now!! :-))

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