Supporting the British Team with Next

We were sent a Next Official Paralympics GB Scarf to let the world know we are supporting Great Britain. Next designed these stylish scarves as their contribution to the dedication and determination of our athletes. All profits from the sales will also kindly be donated to British athletes through the British Olympic Association.

The scarf we were sent costs £5 (50cm x 50cm) but there is a bigger scarf for £10 (90cm x 90cm) and its up to you how you wear it! You can even upload on the Next website photos of yourself wearing the supporters’ scarves and win some great prizes, including London 2012 tickets kindly donated by the BOA/BPA. How fantastic would that be, to actually have the chance to be there in person watching a historic moment waving your scarf in encouragement.

The hand painted Lion on the scarf sums up the quote “Ice in your mind, fire in your belly”, which describes the courage and talent of our athletes. The 60 hands within the design signify one for each of the million supporters. The 100% cotton scarves are perfect and light for the warmer weather (we hope we should get getting!).

There is also an Official London 2012 Team GB Scarf with thousands of symbols creating an overall picture of the powerful Team GB lion’s head. The 900 hearts, figures and stars are for the athletes we love, the athletes themselves and to show each one is a star. I love that these scarves have been so well thought out and really represent something meaningful.

I wish I could be modelling it on a tropical location for you, but sadly my budget is not up to that! It is also looking grey and overcast here so if I went for a dunk in the sea now I would probably come out with hypothermia!!! But we are more proud that the Olympic flame route passes close to where we live and my son’s karate teacher has been bestowed with the great honour of being one of the bearers. So it only seems fitting we show my son wearing the scarf whilst practising his karate routines.

In the Zone!


So head for Next now and get yourself a must have accessory and show your support for our country for London 2012 this summer. We are so excited we had a chance to get involved!

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