Tomy Roaring Raa Raa Review

I knew this would be popular as soon as it arrived in the box. The boys have already been asking who can sleep with him tonight.

This fabulous Raa Raa toy is aged from 18 months and is still quite appealing for the almost fives as my eldest has demonstrated! So nice to know when you purchase this toy you get plenty of mileage out of it.

Raa Raa roars when you push down on his head, the longer you push the longer the roar. He also wiggles and straightens himself up and says I can roar louder than that? So I think we will be having roaring competitions in our house for some time to come… our poor neighbours might not be as pleased with our new addition as the boys are. Their roars are considerably louder than Raa Raa’s.

Raa Raa costs £27.97 from Amazon, which is probably more than we would normally spend on a plush toy, but with the extra features and the fact that Raa Raa is growing in popularity in this household and across the country, I think its worth a purchase.

Youngest giving his new favourite toy some love.

We recently reviewed the Raa Raa DVD so for any fans of the show this interactive plush is a must add to a growing Raa Raa collection. Roaring is a rite of passage for any preschooler. So this toy might contain roaring sessions to Raa Raa playtime anyway! Either way he is a lovely entertaining toy.

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