Top That Publishing Books Review

The boys were sent two of the new releases from Top That Publishing.

We had Po-Tolo Plan Bee From Outer Space; I liked this book for my boys as it draws attention to the plight of the honeybee. Very helpful to have a book that can educate future generations in the importance of bee’s, in a child friendly accessible way.

Eldest was impressed with the interesting facts at the back of the book. Such as the queen bee is the only bee that lays eggs and up to 2,500 a day!!! I must admit I admired her stamina…

The boys liked the silly names in the book “Po-Tolo” and “Nommo” and it made them laugh. The noise of the spaceship flying “wob, wob, wob” got a giggle too. So this book caters well to its target age range.

The queen bee agrees for some of Earth’s bee’s to go back to Po-Tolo’s planet to help save it. I am quite impressed with how many bees’ he managed to stuff into his spaceship… who needs a people carrier when you have one of them!!!

This book has an RRP of £6.29 and would make a great addition to any child’s bookshelf, especially if you want to start to engage them in environmental issues.

The other book we were sent was called Cub’s First Summer. This is a story of a day spent with a fox cub and his mum having lots of fun together. The Cub asks lots of questions, why this and why that on every page, I like his natural curiosity in the world around him. Reminds me of my youngest with his constant why’s…

Then the Cub and his mum snuggle in to shelter from a storm and go to sleep after a busy action packed day. Just a nice pleasant story and I like it ends with the Cub going to sleep as that is the hopeful result I am aiming for with my two, bedtime story then sleep… I think seeing the Cub all settled and sleepy helps send them off too zzzzzzzz

RRP of £5.39 so again another affordable book, its nice to keep adding to your children’s collection to keep them absorbed. Plus I would go slightly crazy if I had to read the same one EVERY night!

2 thoughts on “Top That Publishing Books Review

  1. lol I love your comment about the Queen bee's stamina. I must admit though, that 2500 eggs a day is shocking for such a tiny insect. Do you suppose its easier for us if we pop eggs as well instead of babies?!

  2. Has the Po To-lo book made a nightly appearance as it has at our house lol nice review

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