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We were sent the latest DVD and book release from the captivating Tractor Ted range. We already have one of the DVD’s, so we were very excited to add another, Mighty Maize Machine to our collection.

Youngest was engaged from the moment I pressed play, meant I could catch up with my emails without feeling guilty as he was discovering so much about working life on a farm, including footage of animals and lots of machinery. Educators even endorse Tractor Ted, to fulfil lessons in the natural curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage. So put on the kettle, get your feet up and enjoy some precious me time, whilst your children are busy learning!

I particularly liked how it spelt out different words (such as the machinery type), rather than just saying them, means children can start to recognise how to spell them too. Both the book and the DVD were easy to follow, pitched to the right level to interest children aged two to six. Seeing all the machinery in action (how they work and why they are important on the farm) means children are not bored with lots of facts they might find hard to digest.

Singing along when there was music, youngest was very enthusiastic. At the end of the DVD there were clips of four other films. Each looked interesting and worth purchasing for an RRP of £9.99 from their website, we have watched the four clips more times than I care to mention so buying the full versions would be most welcome!

The book All about Tractors had fantastic photographs. I think it will be a new firm favourite for bedtime. We learn about a hitch and attachments to the front like a bucket or bale handler, which help make a tractor all fancy for a multitude of farming uses. It also helps with colours, as we have a red, yellow, blue and green tractor. There are also a couple of games (how many wheels on the tractor sort of thing) to play at the end; books seem more special with the incentive of a game after your story. It is a little treat for my boys at the end.

Youngest was quick to spot the handout that came with the DVD and book so now he wants the wellies, clothes and toys. When I looked on the website I was surprised by how much the range has grown. They really have thought of everything, I especially liked the party boxes and think they are a lovely idea, particularly if you planned a visit to the local farm for their birthday.

I really wished we lived closer to Bowood House, Chippenham, Wiltshire as on the 10th of June from 10am to 5pm there is a Tractor Ted annual farm show, it looks amazing. Advance tickets cost £6 for adults and £3 for children and are available from (you can even watch the video of last years show if you need further persuasion!). Plenty to see and do for all the family at a bargain price – contemplates begging hubbie to take us!

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