Tuscany Corner Review

I was sent a pack
of La Pasta dei Coltivatori Toscani from Tuscany Corner, I was quite excited as I long to visit Italy! So for now the closest I can get to sampling
a bit of the Italian fine life is eating this pasta.

Tuscany Corner
offers a selection of top quality food products, brought to you through
partnerships with local producers, such as the La Tenuta estate, a real organic farmhouse in the heart of Tuscany, whose ethos is to
provide high quality, organic products made exclusively with local ingredients
and traditional Mediterranean passion.

La Pasta dei Coltivatori Toscani is quite a mouthful to
say but you will find yourself eating more than a mouthful it was very
lovely! Hubbie made up a pasta sauce of
his own, a little bit of this, a tin of tomatoes, some bacon, a sprinkling of
herbs. Oh and more than a little healthy portion of cheese grated on top!!!

But if you prefer you can also purchase a Tuscany Corner ragu (meat sauce) to compliment your pasta,
their authentic, Italian ragu is considered very different to commercially
produced ragu that is available in the UK. 
So if you are a fan of Italian fare you should definitely hunt this out,
especially if you are interested in the source and quality of the food you buy.

Still pines wistfully for a visit to Italy, but happy
I had a taste of it in the meantime. 
Decidedly cheaper than the flight there anyway!

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