Yu Bars Review and Competition

We were sent four of these fruit bars (wild berry, cherry, apricot and strawberry) to try out here. The boys reluctantly let me have the apricot one for myself, but it was touch and go! They did try and hog the four between them.

Yu bars are real fruit and cereal covered in yoghurt. So the perfect breakfast on the go, if you have managed to feed and water the children but not quite sorted yourself out in the manic morning school rush.

The bars have quite a sweet taste but are nice and filling, they gave me a welcome respite from the “I’m hungry” every five seconds routine my boys so love.

Here they are bonding over a shared love of these bars. They kept taking bites out of each other’s to savour the different flavours.

Great mid morning energy boost if your starting to nod off with non stop entertaining of children over the Easter holidays.

A three pack of Yu bars costs £1.79 and are available to buy from Tesco. You can read more about them here http://www.yu-rules.co.uk/ and enter their newsletter competition for the chance to win a family holiday!

I have three packs to giveaway to one winner. To enter complete the rafflecopter below by 25th of April.


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130 thoughts on “Yu Bars Review and Competition

  1. I always make sure the children and hubby are sorted with breakfast, sometimes cooked at the weekend. But I sometimes manage to grab a banana later in the morning. !!

  2. I always end up eating breakfast at work as I don't have time to eat before I leave the house in the morning. 

  3. Always, I have to eat something for breakfast otherwise I feel sick within minutes of leaving the house.

  4. I never have breakfast. It's always hard work getting my autistic son out of the door in a morning. 

  5. I always have breakfast, porridge.  Its a superfood and supposed to keep me full till lunchtime and be very low fat and healthy!  Its really yummy.  Sometmes its a real pain in the b*tt to make it rather than a quick bowl of cerial, but I'm always glad I made the effort!

  6. I dont :/ but really should as by mid morning I'm usually about to eat the entire contents of the biscuit tin..!

  7. usually start with feeding my daughter and then i have a cup of steaming coffee and a breakfast bar uick & simple x

  8. i normally forget about myself in the mornings once my 2 boys have been fed, but expecting son number 3 in 3 weeks , I have to make sure i get my morning brekkie :o)

  9. Always!  I'm not as bad as I used to be – used to get dizzy & nauseous if I didn't eat within 20 minutes of getting up. But would never skip breakast irrespective of what else is going on!

  10. Always have breakfast with my husband at 7am before he goes to work. Weekends are fun leisurely times with a fry up or cheese and croissants.

  11. even though its not a proper breakfast i always have a cuppa & a cereal bar first thing before i have to sort the kids out 🙂

  12. Yes, my favourite thing to have is oatmeal because it's a superfood I imagine I'm a superhero mum for the day ^_^

  13. I try to eat breakfast, but don't always get time. I always feel better if I can grab something in the morning though

  14. Have to sometimes forcefeed myself breakfast. I know all the benefits but my stomach and I don't like or enjoy the breakfast routine. Would much rather wait until I have been up a few hours before I break my fast 🙂

  15. Couldn't start my day of right without my bowl of porridge, I make it up the night before so it's nice & thick (or stick to the ribs as my children call it!) just stick the pan on low whilst I'm dressing the little one & it is ready to serve out when we are all sat at the table.

  16. Yes, I can't function without it! I make sure I have easy to grab snacks like fruit and cereal bars so if I'm in a hurry I can still get something down me 🙂

  17. I do not always get breakfast but have a mid morning snack.  I make sure my children have breakfast every day tho

  18. no i dont but i always make sure my daughter eats something even if its a banana. i know that its the most important meal of the day plus children need routine.:)

  19. Not very often, i just dont seem to be a breakfast person anymore, prefer to have something mid-morning if im hungry

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