Ainsley Harriott Risotto Review

am not a natural cook so am enjoying reviewing Ainsley Harriott delicious
offerings. I absolutely love risotto
but never seem to find the time (or the inclination) to make it from scratch any more. I did under strict guidelines
from my brother once make a fantastic chicken and leak risotto (with lashings
of white wine) but to be honest the Ainsley Harriott Asparagus and Leek risotto
I was sent to review was just as tasty and really quick to prepare. Then I could just drink the wine instead and
not have to listen to my temperamental brother chef’s ways…

is available in a host of mouth-watering flavours, the Asparagus and Leek I
already mentioned, Wild Mushroom, Tomato and Mascarpone, Blue Cheese and
Broccoli and Pea and Mint. So whatever
your taste buds are fancying it’s likely to be covered there.

is so easy I had some for lunch the other day when youngest was at
playschool. It made a welcome change
from yet another ham or cheese sandwich! 
You just add water and a tiny bit of butter, boil in a pan, bit of
simmering for 10-12 minutes and a fair bit of stirring. If you do not stir enough it will stick to
the pan… I put my hand up yes I did manage to burn some of one batch but when
they said stir frequently just before serving I got distracted by
facebook. So if you stay focused it
really is a simple meal to prepare and it works out at only RRP 99p. Just remember keep stirring!!!

Very handy for caravan holidays we took a couple of packs with us. As much easier than taking heaps of ingredients with you and cramming it in the storage cupboards when your children want to bring just about every book and toy they own!

can find out more from the website and it is available to buy from Tesco,
Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons.

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