Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom The Elf Games Review

Ben and Holly’s latest DVD is released tomorrow and another one not to be missed.

Nanny Plum says “there is nothing worse than a grumpy elf” – well I am afraid I would have to disagree as a grumpy toddler is much more troublesome!

I am so pleased I had a pre-release screener DVD as it definitely helped relax my toddler and by the end of it he was a lot less grumpy and even smiling!

We enjoyed watching Nanny Plum thinking no one would notice her attempts at discrete magic, even though she could not be more obvious! It is a funny show with very likeable characters. I think for that price I would gladly have bought it.

The included episodes were:

Elf Games


The Toy Robot

Dinner Party

Big Bad Barry

King Thistle’s Birthday

The Wand Factory

Daisy and Poppy’s Pet

The Elf Rocket

Picnic on the Moon

With a U rating you know you can happily leave your child to safely watch this whilst you catch up with dreaded chores! As I cannot make excuses to stop doing them forever…

Available to buy from Amazon for £7.49 for 10 fantastic episodes, it really is a must for all fans of the show.

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