Bloggers Got Talented

me a gift (the perfect place for personalised gifts) has
launched a competition to find talented individuals to shine through their
blogs for their exclusive competition.

Well I had to wrack my brain… we do not have the fine
cheese string modelling skills of one dear friend (a beautiful flower as
modelled by her daughter).

have no intention inflicting our singing on to you poor guys! So then it came to me baking! My hubbie is getting quite a knack at it now
and so are the boys as they learn from him. 
I am enjoying getting to eat all their hard work too!

here are our top five cakes, prepare to drool:

Chocolate Muffins

Victoria Sponge (he went overboard on Cream and Jam hence its exploding out of the cake!)

Chocolate Sprinkle Cake

Chocolate Button Cake

Chocolate Orange Cake with Hand crafted edible Roses

definitely love the cake and the talent obviously runs in the family. Look at this cute fellow made by my brother
for my son’s third birthday!

Youngest is
Lion mad so it was perfect for him. 
There was a lovely Lemon Drizzle cake hubbie made but it was that good I
must have also ate the picture for it as I now cannot find it anywhere! So we might not be able to sing or dance particularly well but one thing we can do in this house is BAKE!

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