Edward Bear Hardcover Review

This is a charming tale of the
adventures of Edward Bear. The boys treasured Edward Bear from the very first
page, for them seeing a much loved bear on each page dressed up in a variety of
clothes depending what he is doing, is hugely enjoyable. He has quite the wardrobe, even a chain
necklace for working out in the gym, pleasant yellow wellies for the farm and
some funky red sunglasses for his cruise.

Available from Amazon for £8.09 it is definitely worth
adding to your child’s book collection. 
The book has six lovely stories, which cover plenty that children would
find interesting and absorbing. My boys
particularly enjoyed On the Farm and At Home. 
I liked At Home because Edward Bear is busy at home doing lots of
household chores, am hoping some of that will rub off on the boys and make them
more interested in getting involved helping me, such as setting the table, putting
toys away and cleaning the car.

I liked the little puzzles they had at the end of most of
the stories. For example within the
Goes to Bed story you have to spot a tiny bear on each page. So this is a very engaging book, which is
nice and calming but with enough to keep them excited about having this book at
bedtime. Otherwise they ask to play board games instead but a book for me should always feature at bedtime.

The author Ruth Beavington has worked as a teacher, a
lecturer and a farmer’s wife, so brings lots of useful experiences to make a
very worthwhile read!

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