The Frank Show Review

This book by David Mackintosh was a little bit different from our
normal read, so it was quite interesting to see what the boys made of it. It is a story about a boy picking a member
of his family for a show and tell and being quite concerned that his granddad
is a poor choice and will not be exciting enough. But he comes to realise his granddad is actually quite rock and
roll and actually has a great tale to tell the children.

Just because he is older and might not like the same things as his
grandson (gadgets and gizmos, new things or today’s music), does not mean he
cannot be intriguing and interesting. I
almost felt sorry for poor granddad but he did not need my sympathy he had
quite the story to tell.

It is exemplary to teach children to value people regardless of
their age. Granddad might wear a
hearing aid, be reluctant to embrace change and a little stuck in his ways, but
he is a person who has lived and has adventures to remember and should not be
dismissed! We can take people for
granted at times, but this book really makes you value the people around you.

Youngest found the story slightly long, but I like that you get
lots of book for your money. When
youngest is older and hopefully his attention span has extended, I think he
will settle down for the whole story and enjoy it as much as eldest and I did.

Available to buy in paperback for £5.17 from Amazon, buy it and teach
your children to value the elder generations and enjoy the witty story at the same time. I definitely giggled.

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