Greenwood Forest Park Review and Competition

Forest Park is one of our favourite places to go as a family. There is so much to cater for any age

As an adult I am more than happy
pottering about this park I love how green it is and being out in the fresh
air. Some parks are just too built up
and slightly overwhelming.

But when at
Greenwood Forest Park you do have a pleasant stroll around woodland as you gradually
do the attractions. Plus all that fresh
air helps my boys sleep better at night, which is always a winner! The beautiful carved wooden animals dotted
around the Park are also very popular with children.

We went on Tuesday and had a magical day. The boys enjoyed archery, eldest managed to
hit the target and youngest managed to look adorable. I managed to get out of
having a go as the queue was building and I would have probably shot myself in
the foot!

There was a well-equipped
toddler village for the 0-3’s, we were blessed with good weather but if it is
raining its great to shelter here and you can relax and know your children are
happily occupied.

Okay I admit it we sneaked the four year old in for review purposes – don’t tell them 😉

A new attraction
opens tomorrow called The Enchanted WoodBarn, which will cater
for older children. So again whatever
the weather you can be guaranteed a lot of fun in Greenwood Forest Park.

Hubbie was particularly
fond of the barefoot trail, which was a lovely sensory experience for all of
us. We walked across water, sand,
stones, wood chippings and hay to name a few. 
Hubbie said at the end his feet have not felt this soft in ages! So a trip to Greenwood Forest Park is
cheaper than getting your feet done at a Spa!

There is just so much to
see and do:

The boys enjoyed shouting “WHEEEEEE” on the green run slides

We sailed on a boat,
hubbie definitely needs more practise with his oar! Luckily we had no people behind us!

We admired the cute
bunnies and youngest blew them lots of kisses!

We pedalled like crazy
on the moon karts and burnt off our chocolate bar pudding!

The boys enjoyed
bouncing around on the giant jumper (hopefully it might mean they stop using
our bed as a trampoline for a little while!)

The boys also managed to drive
tractors and not run over my toes…

The staff were all
friendly and helpful and really made us feel welcome. For £37.20 for a family of four at the height of the season it
really is worth every penny! In the school
holidays there is daily entertainment too in the Forest Theatre. We have seen a pirate before, he had a snake
and everything eldest was impressed when mummy was dragged on stage as a
volunteer! I thought I was going to
have a glass of water tipped on my head but with a little magic I luckily left

events change all the time and they really do think of everything! Magicians, Owls, maypole dancing… you need
to keep going back to Greenwood Forest Park so you do not miss out! Keep an eye on their website for more information and see some of the other attractions like the Green Dragon Rollercoaster (boys decided not to brave it this time!).

So why not enter the competition to see for
yourself how fabulous it really is? This competition will close on the 2nd of June.

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48 thoughts on “Greenwood Forest Park Review and Competition

  1. We have never been to Greenwood yet but want to go soon. looks fantastic. The enchanted woodbarn sounds good and my little girl would love the slides! x

  2. I love the rollercoaster as it is completely powered by people, so a very GREEN dragon rollercoaster

  3. The sensory walk looks good to me!  And the super-soft tootsies afterwards will definitely be a bonus!

  4. I have been here and it is fab – love the rollercoaster ( although hard work all that climbing!) They always try to add one new thing each new year. This years new activity is the Enchanted WoodBarn and I am looking forward to giving it a go

  5. More amusing to tell you what I wouldn't go on again.  The slide.  Faster than a speeding bullet I went down, and upon approaching the end it was glaringly apparent I wasn't going to stop naturally at any point.  And then I realised that perhaps a SKIRT wasn't the best thing to wear.  Long story short, I broke my little finger and ended up with friction burns on my knees and backside in quite possibly THE most undignified landing EVER. 

  6. i'd love to go to the greenwood park – i've heard such good things about it …. the toddler villiage looks aces and i fancy exploring and looking at the wooden sculptures … and ofcourse getting the kids to sleep more at night would be a bonus!

  7. Would love to take my daughter and niece to the toddler village, didn't even know this place existed how fab xxx

  8. I think I would like the Karts. I don't drive due to epilepsy so this would be my only chance in life to prove to my husband that women can drive!!! Also, Charlotte (3 and a half year old) would love the place. 🙂 x

  9. The Giant Jumper! We had one of those at our wedding venue and I jumped in my wedding dress! It would bring back memories!

  10. The barefoot trail sounds like a nice thing to do with the younger kids, I know my boy would love to have a go at archery. 

  11. Got to love forests, but if I won I probably wouldn't get to go….but my ex and her boys would have a great time 🙂

  12. Love the greenwood forest park! Even though I don't live far away I haven't taken them for ages! Everytime I've been I've absolutly loved the look of the giant bouncy pillow 🙂 looks like great fun but unfortunately adults are not allowed on so I just have to sit on the side line watching lol great place to visit, loads of fun & a great day out ! Great prize 🙂 xxx

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