James Martin Bakery Cake Mix Review

were sent the Chocolate Cake Mix and the White Chocolate and Raspberry Cup Cake
Kit. Firstly I must say I did now know
the RRP of these before I had made and tasted the baked goods and I am
surprised at how cheap they are for the quality of the end result. You do need to add some extra ingredients to
both sets but nothing hugely expensive and things you might tend to have in

The Chocolate Cake Mix is
available from Asda for £1.50; you only need add an egg, cola, semi skimmed
milk and butter, not much of each. I
like that these kits are low mess and hassle free, less measuring out as the
icing and cake mix are already done. So perfect sets to make with children.

You even get a disposable baking tray included, so less dishes!!! Now we are talking my kind of cooking. I
have never added cola to my baking before and I was surprised by the use of the
ingredient but it helped make the cake quite moist and delicious.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cup Cakes are on offer from Tesco at the moment
for £1.79 (usually £1.99) so a good time to try them out. The kit makes six tasty cupcakes (the kit
even provides the cupcake cases!) with a lovely frosting (studded with
raspberry bits) with white chocolate curls to decorate. The boys were tired after the beach so I did
these on my own (and I didn’t burn them!). 
After baking you can really smell the raspberry and the sponge is nicely
flavoured with it.

would definitely buy these cake mixes again, especially as they make baking
with my boys easier than normal. Only
thing I have to watch for is them going after the rest of the cola… If you want to impress the school committee
maybe buy some kits and pass the baking off as your own. I am lucky hubbie is quite good in the
kitchen when it comes to baked goods but if your not so fortunate you could
definitely get away with looking like a better cook with these kits.

at the end of a long day with the kids, I am craving cake. The luxury of these kits is if you have a
few in you can have emergency cake with minimum stress on demand! As much as I would like hubbie to be on call
to bake 24/7 occasionally he puts up a fuss and resists, so now I can make my
own cake…

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