Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Review

were sent a lovely package from Warner Brothers along with the Blu-ray Triple Play to review.

Eldest was very excited about the contents and is now sporting a Lizard
tattoo, which he claims he must show ALL his friends!

We spent a very pleasant hour and a half watching this
great family film. We all enjoyed it
very much. It is not often the boys
have the concentration to get to the end of a film in one sitting. But this one had plenty to keep them
interested and wanting more, like a giant lizard, small elephants, bumble bee
rides… lots to spark their imagination and keep the constant questions flowing!

boys laughed a lot in the film; they thought it was hilarious when logs owned
the rampaging lizard. I was worried as
this might be one of the few PG’s they have watched; normally I stick them to
U’s. But I need not have worried this
film was perfect for them and action packed from start to finish. Just what my two boys obviously need to keep
entertained! The right mix of gripping story and comedy was a hit.

scenery is amazing and the colours when the two birds clash and the feathers
cover the screen was breathtaking. I think
this film is worthy of the shouts of AWESOME eldest kept doing! I was holding back not to join in…

film features the lead character going on a hunt for a mysterious island after
decoding a distress signal. Cue lots of
giant creatures, a volcano spewing gold and a surprise or two. They soon realise they need to find a way
off the island quickly and cannot wait to be rescued.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island released on
Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on 28 May 2012. So you can buy yourself a copy now as a sure
fire way to keep the kids occupied over the half term.

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