just jaks Flapjack Mix Review

Cooking with children can be a mixed bag experience, you
know its great for them to get involved but sometimes they do not have the
concentration to cope with a full on session in the kitchen and after a little
while you wonder why you thought it was a good idea to begin with!

is where just jaks has come up with the perfect solution.

Youngest felt like he did some proper
cooking, he added ingredients, he stirred, and he tested the end result. But he did not get impatient or cross and
start messing around because almost everything was already measured out it was
such an easy process to make some very delicious flapjacks. We only needed to add some apple juice. The instructions were very clear to follow,
which was another blessing, as my cooking skills are at best limited! But even youngest and I could not go wrong

Although hardest problem was stopping youngest munching up all the dried fruit! Think he is hiding yet another mouthful in this picture!

were sent the Cherry Bakewell variant. 
Once made they were very fruity and flavoursome, the perfect
accompaniment to a cup of tea or glass of milk, I must admit to not stopping at
one portion! But with all that fruit
crammed into it I am sure it helped with my fruit quota for the day. So I can polish my halo anyway!

over to their website where you can see the other tasty flapjack mixes
available and make a purchase. For
£4.99 each I think these lovely sets would be perfect at birthday parties, when
you want a fun but easy activity to do with children. Buy a couple of sets and entertainment and pudding is sorted out
for the guests, if you’re lucky there might be a few left over for you in the
end, but I doubt it! Not at the rate my
youngest was getting though them…

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