Kids’ Music Shop DVD Review

boys were sent two DVD’s from the extensive collection available from

Both were jam packed with fabulous nursery rhyme
songs. My boys absolutely loved
them. With a U rating you can
comfortably have one on if its raining or your children need a little rest time
whilst you whiz around the house looking like the perfect housewife (my friends
top tip is to tidy up then spray some polish in the air, so her hubbie thinks
she has been cleaning thoroughly all day long!).

two boys often fight like cat and dog but being so amused by these DVD’s I have
had a chance to catch up without having to go in every minute to check what
they are bickering about.

laughed lots at Tony the presenter of the DVD’s, he is quite funny and
entertaining, although he does have an affinity for wearing ladies
clothing! Boys think this is quite
comical though. They enjoyed seeing the
other children singing and this made them more inclined to join in.

rhymes are great for developing speech through the repetition of the words in
the songs. They can then keep repeating
and learning patterns to get used to how words sound.

educational DVD’s are available to buy from their online shop for a bargain of
£5.10 each. But there is plenty more of
interest so it is worth having a good browse of their shop. For birthdays, treats or Christmas (yes I
know its that word again!) there are plenty of affordable offerings.

2 thoughts on “Kids’ Music Shop DVD Review

  1. The wheels on the bus is a huge hit in our house! I can't believe you have mentioned Christmas! It's too scary how quickly this year is flying by x

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