Little Charley Bear Fun Sounds Review

We were sent one of these gorgeous plush
toys from the popular series for my youngest to love and cuddle. Aged from 2 plus it seems a very well
made toy. Plenty to keep your children
entertained whilst cuddling. You can
touch his tummy and he has a range of sayings, like “Charley you’re my best

Well now he is definitely the best friend of my youngest,
he arrived yesterday and has been taken everywhere will him! He is so incredibly soft you just cannot stop cuddling him!

Youngest even let his best friend have a squeeze but not for long as he needed his next fix!

Enjoying lunch before swimming (Charley Bear did complain about the lack of honey sandwiches though!)

Youngest had his first optician appointment but having Charley Bear there provided lots of support! You will be pleased to hear they both have great eyes!

Then they had to be tucked together in bed last night to
stock up on energy for today’s adventures!

I cannot believe it is only £12.99 from
Amazon at the moment I think that is a pretty good price with it being reduced
from £17.99.

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