Lunchtime Hardback Book Review

Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb is
a sweet little story of a girl who does not want to eat her lunch; she is too
excited painting colourful pictures. 
But mum with pointed finger insists and she reluctantly sits at the table. Then the crocodile, bear, and wolf from her
paintings join her to help eat up all her dinner.

I like these three
characters as they explain to the little girl that they do not like eating
children, as they taste disgusting this is good for little ones who can be
scared of different things. If they
believe that these animals prefer traditional meals they might go to bed a
little braver in the evening and sleep sounder for you!

The illustrations are
lovely, very appealing for children as they have elements of how a child would
draw. The scribbling on the bear and
the multicolour body of the crocodile are much like what eldest might do. His only compliant was the size of the story;
he wished it went on for longer. Having
said that it was the perfect size for youngest and regardless it was great for
introducing some new terms for eldest. 
He did not seem familiar with the words revolting and exquisite so he
was happy extending his vocabulary. He
is like a sponge wanting to soak it all up!

The animals return at
dinnertime hoping for a repeat performance of lunch but the little girl is now
very hungry and makes sure she eats every last bite. Hopefully it might encourage children to eat their dinner when it
is offered to them to save getting famished and having a rumbly tummy!

Available to buy from Amazon
in hardcover for £5.82, I am sure it will not stay long at that price! Normally it has an RRP if £10.99 so quick
order one as a perfect extra birthday present for someone.

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