Mike the Knight New Toy Range

were so excited to be involved in reviewing an item from the new range but we
had to keep our lips sealed until the official launch on the 5th of
May!!! Which is quite difficult when
your son absolutely loves it and is demanding more in the set and wants to tell
EVERYONE about it!

did not take long for either of my boys to clock onto the fact that each piece
in the set has little bits on the side of the toy… “What goes here? Do we have
something that sticks on? Is there more to buy mummy?” Oh dear have a
feeling this is going to get expensive… just wait till they see the dragon!

We were sent the Hairy Harry’s Horse Stop (RRP £14.99) so
Galahad the horse can be kept in tiptop condition for jousting and obviously to
make sure no muddy hooves are left in the stables of the Deluxe Glendragon

for 3 + it appealed to both my boys. It
is a very sturdy set, youngest tried to rip off the black stand under Galahad
and failed in his mission of mass destruction. 
So the horse can thankfully still rear! 
It has some other nice features too, like a tipping water barrel,
thankfully no real water involved and no where to squeeze it into, youngest is
always on the lookout for opportunities to add water to play! But the water effect placated him this time
phew! A little bit of blue pops out of
the barrel and then back in again when it’s tipped round. There are also some fancy spinning wash rollers
your child can move about to make sure your horse has a thorough bath time!

Someone very excited with his new playset!

enjoyed making sounds when Galahad was munching on his hay and drinking from
his bowl. He was definitely getting
into the spirit of medieval times, as long as he stops short of commence
jousting sessions in the living room I will be pleased! Both my boys enjoy watching Mike the Knight
on television already so it’s great they can now get some toys to compliment
their love of the show. They have asked
for more of these for Christmas. Well
if they can wait that long… after all it’s a popular theme for children, with
knights, dragons and jousting, it’s the stuff of imaginations!

Youngest loves Galahad now he is nice and clean!

More information available at Character Online

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