My Son The Avid Collector

youngest son has started collecting pets at an alarming rate; he comes home
with one or two a day but on occasion huge handfuls of them. I guess there is one small mercy they are
not the fur or feathered variety. They
are things like stones, bits of shiny paper and Blu Tack (a personal favourite
of his). He has eyes like a hawk, that
can spot something microscopic and interesting from miles away, and then he
homes in on it!

My pockets are boarding a wide collection of different
“pets”. At the park I am often pushing
my son and what appears to be an empty swing next to him which is in reality a
pet stone hitching a ride… people must walk past thinking I have gone slightly
mad! It would be okay if the stone was
sizeable they might hazard a guess, but my son enjoys the teeny tiny sized
pet. Blink and you miss it!

on the plus side it’s a pleasant way to pass the time as often the pets come
home and get a make over.

Here he is
painting his latest collection of pet stones.

Admiring his artwork!

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