The Olympic Torch

boys missed the London 2012 Olympic Torch relay
route in our local area but I am pleased they got an opportunity tonight
to get close and personal to the torch and have a picture with one of the stars
of the show. My eldest son’s karate
teacher could not have been a more suitable choice for a bearer of the torch,
he is dedicated to his sport with a passion that is wonderful to see and he is
great at encouraging and motivating children of all ages to develop their
skills in his classes.

has also been tirelessly taking the torch to local schools and community groups
since taking part, so everyone in the area has a chance to touch a piece of
history and enjoy a lovely photograph!

am glad my boys had this chance (youngest might look slightly sleepy as I had
to wake him up as he nodded off watching the karate demonstrations, but he was
there and he got to be part of it all!).

Sensei we salute you!

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