Pop Up House Review and Competition

My boys were so surprised and delighted when hubbie took this out of the packaging and in the matter of seconds an unexciting piece of cardboard was changed into a fantastic house with unlimited possibilities.

If you do not have much space in your house you can easily fold it away and then pop it back up when it’s needed next and being made from 100% recycled cardboard it is perfect for green families. Luckily my boys have a playroom
as I have a feeling they would be very reluctant for it to be stored away! They are having so much fun with it. Last night they had a friend over for tea, they
spent ages colouring in, playing house games (mummy, daddy and baby kitten),
then I had to be the bad wolf and attempt to blow it down!

Despite not being made of bricks it was very
durable and survived my attempts to blow it down!!! The dual layer corrugated card also seems perfectly capable to
cope with the strains of the under fives, yet is still light enough to be quite
portable if you need to hover the crumbs up after the latest tea party at the
end of a day playing.

This morning they are back in the
house, playing again which is lovely as I take so long to come round in the mornings. They have excellent entertainment available
to them; I can nurse a cup of hot tea, knowing they are meeting lots of their
educational needs, being artistic and creative, learning numbers and letters,
using their imagination making up games to play in and around the house. I like the letterbox and the door you can
open and close, lovely characteristics that make it feel like a proper real
house for your children. A doorbell,
light, baskets of flowers and little milk bottles are all there to colour in
along with lots more.

For £34.98 delivered I definitely
would have been willing to make a purchase for one of my boys having a few
friends over for a birthday tea. This
would have been a great way for children to spend a few hours, you could happily
squeeze four of them (I fitted in with my boys and their friend anyway!) in
there and space for all the toys and tea party pieces they so love! Plus you could have plenty more children on the
outside colouring in quite happily.

I have seen cheaper cardboard houses
on the Internet but not ones that come with all the designs to colour and
letters and numbers to help with learning. 
Given these qualities I do think it is worth heading here first when
contemplating buying a playhouse for your children. They say you get what you pay for and I am a firm believer of
that, the card of this house is exceptionally strong so I have a feeling the
boys will cherish and enjoy this playhouse for a very long time.

I am not the kind of person to
look at some old cardboard boxes and come up with something for the boys to play
with, if I did it would be covered in selotape and hanging together most
unfashionably, so my advice unless your very skilled buy one of these!

You can find out more from the
website and make a purchase there. If
you are keen on stocking Popuphouse yourself please get in touch with them for
more information on the contact form on the website.

I have kindly been offered one as a prize, if you
would like to win one then complete the rafflecopter below by 8th of
June. Your children will be so excited
if you win this!

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148 thoughts on “Pop Up House Review and Competition

  1. My girls are always playing house and love colouring and drawing on plain old cardboard boxes, so they would adore one of these

  2. I have two girls who would love this!!!!! They are forever building tents and playing 'Mummies and Daddies' with their dolls!!! They are also both very arty (like me) and and love to decorate their ow little home!!! I have never seen a house like this before – great review ! Even if I do not win, I am going to buy one anyway!

  3. The kids would love this as they adore boxes of all sizes and I have spent hours cutting out windows etc even in the smallest of boxes that they insist on crawling into – what fun! I think I would have to have a go at decorating and playing in it!

  4. wow, looks fab, my daughter could do with this lot of building and painting to keep her occupied in the summer holidays. 

  5. My two would love this! They both love colouring and play quite nicely together (at the moment)! This would make a nice hideaway for them both! x

  6. My three would love this and their ages are from 4 to 10! I think there is something for all of them, colouring, making dens, and basically having a whole lot of fun! So yes please I'd love to win one or if I don't I'd even think about buying them one. 🙂

  7. My four children would love this ! the youngest two especially as they are obsessed with colouring and making den's lol they set up camp under the dining room table. x

  8. I have a child with a very vivid imagination…. 
    He is a very creative child. He has a great love for making tents (clothes horses and big sheets) and we appear to have additional people living in this house… he has some "imaginary friends" too. His story's that he makes up about them are award winning at times. 

    I think my son would love this as he loves a good clubhouse, and with the ability for it to fold away would be a perfect solution in my eyes!

  9. my daughter loves her drawing and colouring, we get through loads of paper in a week.  this would be great for her to be able to colour her own little house, may keep her busy for an hour or two too

  10. Oh my goodness. This takes me right back to 1974 when my big sister had a house like this! It too was cardboard and we practically lived in it. I have a photo so will upload it if it's OK. 
    I used to make tents out of sheets and draped them over chairs and we would have picnics and pretend we were on the beach or lost in the desert. Ahhh..memories. My eldest children are grown up now, but we have Rosie who is nearly 15 months old and she already loves dressing up and pretending. She has a large playpen we have tea parties in already but I can't afford to buy a play house, and we certainly don't have the room. This would be ideal as it would simply fold away. I remember setting up sheets to make a tent about 15 years ago, the cat thought it would be a good idea to jump on top…which made the whole thing collapse. It was like a freeze frame for a second, he seemed to be suspended in mid air and then was enveloped in the sheets. Luckily we weren't inside at the time…Thank you for bringing back happy memories for me. I have posted a photo of me and my sister in her sweetie shop play house xx I am the toddler in blue xx

  11. my children often played with the boxes instead of the expensive toys people had bought them,  am sure they would play for hours in one of these using it as a den

  12. I absolutely love the picture thanks for adding it! 🙂 I did not even know you could add pictures on here, I am so pleased you did! Looks like a lot of fun your Supershop! x

  13. Amy is always more interested in boxes that their content. So this would be right up her street. I can even picture her running around the front room with the box on her head, haha 🙂 

  14. I didn't realise I could do it either, where it says +image I thought…I wonder…and tried and and ooooh look…
    We used to make my dad sit outside the window of the shop pretending to buy things, but he had to give us real money in exchange for pretend goods. Really looking forward to making tents and wigwams as Rosie gets older.  xx Your cooking forays sound like mine! xx

  15. My kids love playing house and they love colouring ( especially on my walls !!!! ) – this would be perfect and  would save my wallpaper !!!!

  16. Omg they would love this! It allows them to be creative too and gives it a personal touch.. they would have hours of fun designing and decorating it themselves! 🙂

  17. My son would love one of these because we could put it out flat in the garden and sit in the sun colouring it in all day, then I imagine that night I'd put it up in his room and he'd end up sleeping in it 🙂 Such a fun creative toy that would create hours and hours of entertainment – I love it. 

  18. My little boy would adore this house, we regularly have to make him a "house". Be it from the sofa cushions or bed sheets! His pop up plastic house doesn't have the same effect?

    The beauty of this house is it can be folded and stored away-genius!! 

    Have liked on Fb and tweeted.

    Thanks for a fab comp : )

  19.  My daughter would go crazy for one of these! she's always pretending she's a princess in a castle and needs rescuing, I think her dreams would come true if she saw this!

  20. My granddaughter is nearly 14 months and loves to play hiding so she would adore this house.  Also, the fact that you can colour it in is a fabulous idea, she has shown a great interest in 'drawing' so I'm sure would love to be let loose on this house!

  21. These are just the thing for a rainy day inside and a sunny dry day outside. My boys love theirs so much but it has now seen better days. Still going strong with a bit of parcel tape though 🙂

  22. In my house cardboard boxes rule! My 4 year old would love this. Firstly to hide from his big sister and secondly to have an adventure of a life time! Imaginative play and role play is fab at any age but more so at this age I feel! His friends would come and play and he would in his words 'so love it!''

  23. The kids love playing houses, we have a wooden play house in the garden but when its raining they use old boxes to make a house.

  24. My little boy would love this he is always trying to make a den under the dining room table but it always falls apart!

  25. Well, my boy goes to a children's centre whilst I'm at work and they have a little plastic house with red walls and a yellow roof. Apparently he spends all the time he can in there – running to the windows and shouting "hiya" to everyone… He also says "mine! Mine!" to anyone who tries to get in with him! Lol – so I'm sure he'll be delighted with this beauty 🙂

  26. I used to make houses and vehicles out of boxes when I was little and had so much fun, and I'm sure my children would have lots of fun with the pop up house

  27. Both my boys like "dens" and also colouring, this would just make their day!  They can design their very own house, how cool is that. An utterly simple,yet fan-dabbie-dozie idea! 🙂

  28. My daughter loves colouring in and also loves to play house so this toy is as close to perfect you could get.

  29. My daughter loves drawing and painting, even on the walls if I'm not careful.  I had considered buying the blackboard paint you can buy for walls but guessed it might give her carte blanche to paint and draw on all the walls in the house aaargh!  Looks like this pop up house would be the next best thing …. she would love it and so would I, magnolia walls here I come.

  30. Every time we get anything delivered that comes in a box, it always ends up being hi-jacked by Elliott!  It becomes a car or a rocket or a house and keeps him amused for hours.  There are floods of tears when it comes to recycling day…

  31. at my son's nursery they're encouraging them to build dens and do pretend play, rather than play with their toys as part of Every Child's A Talker. This would be perfect for them to create a den

  32. this is a ctually a brilliant idea. i think my daughter would love this she has just got interested in colouring so it would be fab and hopefully then shed keep of the walls lol :

  33. The little people love their outdoor house, this would make a great indoor place (let's not mention how often it rains in Wales). And my little girl loves anything to do with colouring and decorating.

  34. My son would love this, his dad thinks boys shouldn't play at houses but he loves the little house at his grannys. If I won it I would tell husband it was tough luck at the letters and colouring in are educational.

  35. my son would absolutely adore this! he loves making dens out of sheets, towels and anything else he can get his hands on! it would be a house, a school, castle, boat, pirates lookout, and I'm sure he could think of many more uses. I love the fact that it can be folded away too x

  36. My younger daughter would love a playhouse. She has a vivid imagination and loves playing this type of game

  37. When I was small we used a wooden clothes horse with a sheet over it but this cardboard house is much safer & great fun to colour & ideal for indoors or outdoors on a rug or blanket!

  38. This looks like so much fun! I always used to make things out of boxes when I was little. Kids are a bit like cats in that way – they both seem to love boxes! 

  39. My son is a total box addict!  Whenever I get something delivered in a box big enough for him to fit in, he's in there!

  40. Their imagination can really be used to the maximum, it will provide hours of fun simply but effectively

  41. He was positively thrilled when we treated him to a cheap tent last weekend so this would be a fantastic indoor option! 

  42. How much better would this be.  At the moment they make a house under my dining room table.  All very good until we have to use the table for tea

  43. my boys would love this to play in, i have never got them a playhouse so far so they have been having to make do with making a pretend house under the dining table but this looks very fun

  44. when great gran daughter, Lily Mai, stays over, this is great, she love her play tent, making tea for all of us, with her plastic set, she would love her own house, great it is so strong, and i can see her spending hours (of fun) with this, have a great week, thanks

  45. My daughter loves to be creative and can spend hours colouring, painting or creating a craft. We moved house awhile back and had a very large box that she coloured and hid in. She is only 4 but loves to pretend play in a magical place that she creates.

  46. My little girl would love this, we haven't got much room so the fact that it folds up is brilliant. It would make a lovely change from building tents in the front room with sheets and the clothes horse. lol. Don't think i'd see much of her if she had this to play in, she'd be in there for hours.

  47. My girls would love this. They are drawn to cardboard boxes, hiding and houses so this ticks all boxes, scuse pun.

  48. I think my little one would love this – he has such a vivid imagination and is always building tents from sheets 🙂

  49. Have never seen a product like this before. Its so different and yet so simple. I love it. I can imagine it keeping kids of all ages busy

  50. my girls would love this as the love playing in a play house and one that they can actually colour in and draw on would be a dream come true especially for my girl who is nearly 4 as she is happiest with a crayon in her hand

  51. My daughter is very creative she would take great pride in making this her own, would certainly keep her quiet for ages

  52. My 2 boys would LOVE this!! They are just at the stage where they are starting to play together and this would be a fantastic way of encouraging that!!

  53. My little girl would love this as she is always doing role play and would get little sister involved too!

  54. My kids would love this because they love making camps and my eldest loves colouring in so this would be perfect for them

  55. The kids would love this especially with the summer holidays coming up.Imagine being able to "paint" their own house!!!

  56. Charlotte (3 and a half) would love this because when we moved house she played with every single box as I emptied it and called them houses!

    She also loves colouring so will love to let her imagination run wild with it. x

  57. My children would love one of these because they are always making dens and this one just pops up!

  58. My friends children would just love this prize!  I recently gave her five year old daughter my doll's house, and she was delighted!  I think she'd love to play in this with her big brothers.

  59. Oh my word my nephews would love this!  Its typical that every birthday and christmas they get more fun out of the boxes!  One is very creative and will love designing the box and the other is more playful and will enjoy using it!  Best of both worlds!  We made a Rocket once like this! Brilliant fun!

  60. even my 11 year old how is becoming too "cool" for playing would secretly love this.. if she can get near for my 2 year old haha 🙂

  61. My children age between 9 and 2 and they would adore this, I am forever finding they have pulled out all the blankets to make dens. Hubbie keeps threatening to make something I've only been waiting 8 years 😉

  62. My 4 year old loves to pretend he lives on his own like a big boy- I have to leave the lounge so he can pretend that he's alone- if he had one of these I could get my lounge back!

  63. Wow love this prize. My son 5 and my daughter 4 would love this a lot. My daughter loves anything that she can do role play (mums and dads) with her dolls and my son loves being creative, he will sit doing drawings and colouring in for ages, this would keep him busy and happy for the whole day he would be so happy 🙂

    Thank you xx

  64. My 2 monkeys, aged 4 and 2 would love this, the weather has been raining all day today and another day like this and i would have the perfect thing to keep them entertained for the day.

  65. my children would love this because they love creative activities, they would get a great sense of pride from building the house and colouring it themselves x

  66. My grandson would love this!
    He will climb in and out everything, so this house would be perfect for him.

  67. my grandkids have always preferred the cartons gifts came in, rather than the gifts themselves. I think that this is a brilliant way to harness that liking!

  68. Having a very creative child I know that this would be a huge source of fun & excitment at my home! My child would spend hours colouring & sticking various materials to it to create their very own special play house!

  69. My girls would love having tea parties with their teddies in their very own foldaway house 🙂 @pipersky1

  70. Daisy loves playing house. At the moment that means I have to set up my clothes airer every day with sheets draped over it. She'd love this instead, it;s much more solid!!!!

  71. my son would love to hide in and take his toys in and my daughter would play house – would be fab 🙂

  72. My 2.5 year old is obsessed with play houses at the moment. I would be lovely to have one at home – especially one we can fold away at night when he's tucked up in bed and none-the-wiser!

  73. My kids love any sort of art activities – combined with a house that they can play and hide in they would be in kiddie heaven with this 🙂

  74. I think my kids will love this because they have hours of fun with a basic cardboard box so i think this would take it to the next level!!!!!

  75. i think my grandson would love this, it would keep him busy on a rainy day, and we seem to have plenty of rainy days at the moment! what a really eco-friendly item, it can just be put out with the recycling

  76. my little lady is very creative, she struggles with speach and language, but give her something to decorate and she is above and beyond her years !

  77. This is ideal for our overcrowded hippy house – a recyclable peace of pop-up privacy – awesome!

  78. Like many small children she loves cardboard boxes. I know she'd love a box that she can colour in that looks like a house.

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