Poppy Cat New Series Review

We were sent a lovely little press pack with a couple of
episodes of Poppy Cat, a fetching Poppy Cat Mug, a colourful marker pen type
thing (not in the photograph as youngest then set about re-designing the box it all arrived in!), a USB pen and what may be a Poppy Cat mouse mat with water in.

Youngest was thrilled with this exciting bundle. But more than anything he has
enjoyed watching the two episodes on repeat and drinking out of his mug! He insists it is his mug; even though it is
quite heavy for him and he struggles to pick it up bless him… but that is how
much he loves everything Poppy Cat at the moment!

Episodes last 11 minutes, which is perfect for youngsters short attention spans. Poppy Cat is a very likeable character with positive stories that discuss friendship and problem solving together.

can read the official press release here but youngest is most definitely a
fan! We will be tuning in next weekend
and hope to watch the rest of these entertaining and engaging episodes on ITV1 and CITV.

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