Rogue Events Supernatural Convention

am a huge fan of the show and getting the opportunity to meet some of the
actors from Supernatural was an amazing experience!

Well I say I am a huge fan, I think I just thought I was as after
having gone to my first convention, I have realised I am not hardcore
enough. Yes
I was pleased to be there, yes I did walk into a chair after getting an
autograph but I think that was just being flustered generally and my normal
ditsy self, not being overwhelmed by the presence of Castiel… (although he is
exceptionally cute and very funny!)

do I know I am not a super fan?

did not bring any of the actors a present (I mean what do they do with all the
well thought out tat they get anyway?!?)

did not have a small soft toy to interview the actors with in an animated
voice, how they manage to keep a straight face in the open panels is beyond me!

did not have my picture taken and then immediately throw up (like one fan I was
talking to in a queue!)

was not disillusioned enough to believe when they wrote I love you on my
autograph book that they actually meant it and planned to run off with me into
the sunset…

actually felt physically sick when I saw one of the fans snogging the
co-executive producer, the heated display turned my poor stomach! Yes I know he helps produce an amazing show
but seriously going full on surrounded by queues trying to get autographs put
me off my lunch. I was not star struck!!!

had not watched the season finale whilst I was there, most of the fans stayed
up till ridiculous o’clock to watch it, hoping to discuss with the actors the
next day! I admire their dedication but
I also value sleep.

But in my own way I shall continue to love the show and the actors!

The beaming light in his chest is not his supernatural powers but rather the camera flash of taking a picture of the actual picture!

6 thoughts on “Rogue Events Supernatural Convention

  1. I'm sorry you feel this way… but your opinion is by far the minority! RE strive to give fans the best possible experiences at the best possible prices… 🙂

  2. I think you are, as am I, a very down-to-earth person.
    I went to A10 and just like you I didn't swoon over the actors. Although I found Matt Cohen to be very cute and nice.
    I went because Jared would be attending. Unfortunately he had to cancel.
    I had a good time, am going this year to A12, hoping Jared is able to attend this year.
    'Met' a lot of people on facebook who are going to A12 also, so I'm hoping I'll have a great time this year.
    Thinking of going to JIBCon in 2015, but only if I can afford it.
    Will continue to watch the series, swoon over Jared and hope for more seasons to come.
    I guess I'm just not that impressed by other human beings. I think it's great that they are willing to make a tv-show for us to watch and become emotional over. And they make one hell of a show, not only the actors, but the rest of the crew as well.

    Sorry if it seems I'm ranting, but I could find myself perfectly in your story: as if it happened to me.

  3. I"m also part of the minority. Doesn't mean I didn't like going to A10.
    I'm thankful for RE to give people like me the opportunity to see the actors at such possible prices.
    It's just that I'm all that emotional about meeting other people. If there would be an emotion it would be anxiety.
    I am going to A12 and will have a great time.
    It would be a whole lot better if Jared were able to attend (I think I'd swoon all over him if I saw him).

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