Rosie Special Edition Diamond Jubilee Doll Review

Perfect for taking to your Jubilee party and keeping as a memento
of the occasion. Rosie is already a much-loved toy of my
son’s friend.

Rosie was a good size for her to carry around and ride around in her little pram. 

The doll’s hair was very popular, she has been putting bobbles in it and playing with it. She even went
to sleep on Friday night playing with the hair. This is perfect because how often do little ones fight bedtime, leaving her happily doing the doll’s hair and then nodding off naturally is much more pleasant than begging, pleading and willing them to go to sleep!!!

Meeting the royal pooch (unfortunately not a Corgi on this occasion!)

Wherever my friends little girl went she had to take Rosie with her

New best friends

Girls can choose between the bright and bold design
and the softer pastel design. Each doll
has the option of coming with or without a tiara. As these are special edition quickly head to the
website and order your own. Rosie is available for just £14.50 direct from Fulanitos.

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