slouch mat Competition

My husband loves gadgets and was
in his element in The Gadget Show. I am so pleased that I can bring you a
competition from one of the exhibitors from the show as there were so many
wonderful and helpful new additions to the market.

The slouch mat is a revolutionary
mouse mat. As you can see it is quite
different from your average boring flat mouse mats. It does have a certain rugged charm, but it is much more
practical for my lifestyle.

The concept
is the brainchild of a mum of one who realises we use laptops everywhere! Often I collapse at the end of
the day after running around after my two, so I might be using my laptop whilst
sat on the sofa or most likely tucked in bed. 
Using a traditional mouse mat then can be quite tricky. That’s where the slouch mat trumps others on
the market, being mouldable; you can be in control of your mouse on a whole
range of uneven surfaces.

With an RRP of £14.99 it would
also make a great Fathers Day present for most men (or buy it for them as a
“present” then sneak it back for yourself!). 
Well perhaps not my dad as he is yet to master turning on a computer
never mind needing the latest mouse mat. 
But for everyone else head to their website for more information…

This competition will close on
the 28th of May. Just fill
in the rafflecopter below for your entry to count.

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128 thoughts on “slouch mat Competition

  1. What a brilliant competition and a fabulous blog, I don't suppose your next comp can be for a laptop space bar could it, mine seems to be on its way out hehe.

  2. I have never seen a mouse mat like that before, I wonder if it would be hard to get used to?
    Thank you for running an interesting competition.

  3. This is a great idea, would love one of these for my daughter, she uses a mouse whereas I use the touchpad on my laptop and sometimes we have probs with the mouse, trying to find a suitable surface is a pain

  4. WOW wat a gr8 idea this would come in handy for both me and my hubby he luvs geeky stuff as well 🙂
    Google+'d this post 🙂 xx

  5. Fab. Could do with this.
    We would all find this great, I have two teens and my hubby loves stuff like this..

  6. This is such a brilliant invention. I have trouble using my hands so this would give so much relief to the tendons in my wrist

  7. Good evening. I hope you're having a nice day. I would love to win this handy little item. Count me in please.

  8. We recently set up our net book and and my husband struggles with the over sensitive mouse pad on the keyboard. This would be ideal for net books or laptops or even main computers as it is at an angle. I find sometimes that flat mouse mats strain your wrist eventually.

  9. I would love to win this … I am disabled and spend a lot of time using my laptop on the sofa so this would be ideal!

  10. What a brilliant invention! I can't get the hang of the touchpad on my laptop at all, so I lug my 'normal mouse' around with me everywhere – this would be sooooo much more practical!

  11. This is such a great idea, I wish I'd thought of it.  Using your thigh as a mousemat while sitting on the sofa is just so frustrating!

  12. Oh that is so clever! As I type now (on my laptop with 3 year old slouched on me) I can see just how that would make life easier! x

  13. Very clever idea – which just goes to show that Mum's are innovative and can come up with some blooming good ideas 

  14. I struggle because the dogs like to come and 'help' when I'm using the laptop, so this could be a lifesaver – does it work on dog's backs I wonder?

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