Soreen Review

were sent some Soreen treats from MumPanel; we did not make the hardcore Soreen
testing team but were very happy with this surprise box of treats!!!

am very impressed with the lunchbox loaves in Banana and Original malt. They really are perfect for satisfying
snacks on the go. Very reassuring that
these meet the government’s food based nutritional standards and I would rather
they reach for one of these than a chocolate bar. Much more filling and hopefully give us parents a respite from
the constant “I’m hungry” cries.

It comes as no surprise that my two monkeys cannot get
enough of the banana variant. Even Elmo
was trying to get in on the action!

Lenny the cat also had a lick of a tiny left over bit, so banana definitely reigns supreme in our house.

Toastie Loaf was delicious with spread; I had some last night and felt better
for it. Usually I head for the
chocolate but cannot quite stop eating it once I start. Two slices of this loaf and I was full to
the brim.

will now be making a regular appearance in our shopping trolley! If
you want to read more about Soreen head to the website and see where you can
buy their lovely products from.

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