Stickems Competition

Whilst at the Gadget Show another product
that lured us in were these very practical but hugely fashionable

They help keep your
screens clean, perfect when dealing with mucky toddler fingerprints, those
times they kindly smear mud and chocolate all over your new Smart phone!!! But thankfully they can be used on laptops,
kindles, tablets and iPads; surely your fancy technology deserves a fancy
screen cleaner and a chance to live a grime free life! Those dead pixels on your laptop screen might be just flecks of
dirt so make sure you use Stickems before consulting with an IT specialist who
might charge you a fortune, much better to spend £4.99!

The great price means they make ideal
little presents for the gadget savvy people out there. It has a wide appeal, as I am sure whatever
your age there is a design to take your fancy. 
I must admit to being particularly partial to the Sod Calm and Get Angry
slogan. As sometimes keeping calm is
not possible even with copious amounts of cake and tea!

Stickems have ultra-fine micro fibres,
which make for an efficient clean of your technology screens. I guess that sticky fingers would be one
less concern of mine, so maybe I can keep calm after all!

have offered two winners a My Cat Pip Stickems. You can see how cute they are on their website. The designer based Pip on his own childhood cat, so nice and
nostalgic for those people who are fond of cats too! My two drive me mad but I love them to bits.

Please fill in the rafflecopter below this competition will close
on the 29th of May.

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95 thoughts on “Stickems Competition

  1. Awesome! They're so cute too and perfect to have when working in the office as I'm always having to clean the screen after taking it up and down with me everywhere

  2. My iPad always has marks all over it from my grubby paws! I don't know how I manage it. They look clean but they're obviously not.

  3. A lovely prize! My computer screen could definitely do with more loving caring and attention (and cleaning!) 

  4. What a great little product and definitely needed in my house with all the grubby little fingerprints 😉

  5. I could really do with one of these for my laptop… nieces and nephews have very dirty fingers and can never resist touching the screen!! 

  6. Well as you know I have a lot of trouble with my 3 and a half year old being attracted to my laptop like a magnet…these wipes will help me clear the fog of squashed raisins and certain unimaginables! x

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