Stuck on You Review and Competition

Youngest was sent an Artist Series Activity Pack to review in the Woodlands theme, as he is crazy about
animals and drawing (but often on our poor walls!). When he saw the pack he was so excited to see what was inside he
kept shouting “I am having fun” at the top of his voice.

He was very pleased it had his name on it
because my boys are always squabbling over who owns what… but if you get your
children some art sets with their own name on maybe they will calm down slightly! Sibling rivalry is in full force in this
house. I know it would be nice if they
could just share but until then I think everything should have a label on so
there is no disagreement of the hard facts!

I was impressed with the number of themes
available, Woodlands like we chose, Wheels Go Round, Sweetie Pie, Pretty Garden
and ARRR ZAAP (a space theme). So
plenty of choice whatever interests your child. You can then personalise with your child’s name and choose the
colour and picture on the large pencil case, and then it is filled with pens
and colouring pencils, a personalised activity book and a mini scribbler pad
with their name on the cover and some stickers to keep them very happy.

Retailing at £24.99 but containing £32.48 worth of product value,
it is a great buy. My youngest has
enjoyed the colouring activities, counting rabbits, solving puzzles and some
free style drawing. It has kept him
busy and out of mischief and helped stop him falling asleep after a busy day at
playschool. If he falls asleep late on
then there is no hope for getting a sensible bedtime so hooray for this pack,
it saved the day!

Everything within
this set is high quality, the canvas large pencil case is strong, the pens
(double sided with thin and thick nibs) and colouring pencils hardwearing and the
activities well thought out with educational properties.

Stuck on You have plenty more available to buy from labels, to bottles, to
bags, everything you could possibly need personalised and in very appealing
ways for children. Plenty of bright
colours and interesting characters mean children will fall in love with them.

Stuck on You have kindly offered my followers a code for 10% of your order, the code is MissingSleep and is valid until the 15th June.

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Stuck on You are kindly
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101 thoughts on “Stuck on You Review and Competition

  1. No but after your review and checking out their site I am very tempted!  My two boys often 'squabble' over items and so do my two girls – and then all four do at once – what a nightmare!

  2. I havent shopped with them yet but have been looking at what they have to offer and am considering several purchases

  3. No I haven't and had never even heard of them but will have a look at the site now as with 4 kids and 1 who mainly expresses herself through drawing some stuff may come in handy! x

  4. Morning, no, but my children now have the web adress, for there children, this is a great site, and im sure they will order, over weekend

  5. my 4 year old daughter like most loves to draw especially on the walls she would love this and it would save me from having to keep redeorating lol 

  6. No I've not shopped with them before.  I love arts and crafts stuff, I used to do alot of this with my son when he was younger and now I have a grandaughter to entertain!

  7. I must confess that I haven't yet but will most definitely browse now you've introduced me to them. x

  8. No i have not, the iron on clothing labels are very appealing, i have a pile to sew in at home and cannot be bothered

  9. No I haven't, I hadn't heard of them before now but sound great – I will definitely check their site out 🙂

  10. No but I would have loved something similar when my children were younger. They were always falling out about what belonged to who. Never mind chickens have come home to roost and they both have the same problem with their own children! I think these would be great for me to buy for presents in the future although they are a bit pricey for an OAP Nan ✾◕‿◕✾

  11. no, ive never shoped with them before, but a good review and something i would consider buying as my grandson has just started drawing and his grandad will not be impressed if he starts on the walls!!!

  12. No, had not heard of them before …. may purchase from them now though, they have some good stuff 🙂

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