Top Cat London Screening Tickets Competition

I have been offered two adult and two children
tickets for the screening of Top Cat at the Vue West End in Leicester Square,
London, on Sunday 13th May. There will be fun in the foyer from 10am and the film will start
at 11am.

The official release date is the 1st June 2012, so you
will be one of the privileged few to see it before everyone else! I remember growing up watching Top Cat so I
am quite excited that the film will be released and I can introduce it to my
own children at some point. Am sure my
boys will love it as much as I did. It
is a classic after all, a show most of us parents should be familiar with. We can relive our youth and get wrapped up in the nostalgia.

TOP CAT and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.

I love the theme tune, the animation style and the
comedy moments inherent in Top Cat. I have a feeling this
will be just as popular for our fledglings as it is was for anyone growing up
in the 80’s.

If somehow you have managed to miss the whole Top Cat
experience (where have you been hiding?), it centres around Top Cat or T. C.,
as he is known by his nearest and dearest. 
He heads the Manhattan alley cats and they try to avoid being evicted from their home by the
local law enforcement, in the shape of Officer Dibble. But now Top Cat has a new foe, a police
chief unimpressed with Officer Dibble’s poor performance sorting out the alley
cats is on the scene… What happens next? Well you better enter the competition to find out!


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32 thoughts on “Top Cat London Screening Tickets Competition

  1. Do i? Hell yes, i loved it i used to get in from school and have mum put it on for me and my sister

  2. Top Cat was one of my favourites, hope my kids like it as much….
    He's the boss, he's a pip, he's the championship,he's the most tip top, Top Cat! What a great prize this would be!

  3. Top Cat was my Fav cartoon as a kid, I even have the theme tune as my ringtone on my mobile! Last year on FB we were all changing our profile pics to our favourite retro cartoon charactor and of course mine was Top Cat! Would soooooo love to see the movie @mamamakes 

  4. I loved Top Cat – it was one of my favourite cartoons in my youth, and now you've mentioned it, I am going to be humming the theme tune ALL day!!

  5. Top Cat! 
    The most effectual Top Cat! 
    Who's intellectual close friends get to call him T.C. 
    Providing it's with dignity. 

    Top Cat! 
    The indisputable leader of the gang. 
    He's the boss, he's a pip, he's the championship. 
    He's the most tip top, 
    Top Cat. 

    Yes he's a chief, he's a king, 
    But above everything, 
    He's the most tip top, 
    Top Cat. 

    Top Cat!you gotta love top cat xxxx

  6. Winning these tickets would be such a treat for my grandaughter Paige and grandson Josh not to mention my daughter and myself.Fingers crossed.

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